Show #468: This Spinach Salad Is Missing Something…

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This show also known as: Your Entire Being Will Be Pulled Into A Single Point At Your Junk.

This podcast is about Kingdoms of Amalur (bigs up to our boy Nino [Brown]). But before that let’s gush about Mass Effect and segue nicely into HOLY CRAP DESSERT HOAGIES.

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Not pictured: an actual dessert hoagie. This nasty-ass piece of crap has nothing on what was described in this podcast.

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    Instead of bread, what if you take those big ol’ scoops of ice cream and make giant cookie buns like you have in an ice cream sandwich. BOOM! Thank me, cause I just made you a lotta money.×280.jpg

  • TheHappyKnife

    I’m glad you guys dug the combat system of Amalur. I’m digging that most of all.

    I find the finesse/magic build incredibly fun. I’m a lvl 27 spellcloak with daggers and chakrams.

    I use both the poison dmg and crit buffs from finesse all the time and blink/lunge like a madman.

    There have been a couple of storyline moments that have been awesome, but they were all optional sidequests.

    During one sidequest I confronted a false priestess who bribed me with temple collection box gold to pay for my silence. That was pretty awesome.

  • Brendan Seto

    I didn’t hear this podcast till last night. I don’t know how it managed to slip past me all this time, but I’m really glad to know that you guys actually answered my question.
    I can’t wait for the live-action Wild 7 review