Show #467: Lassi-esque

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This show also known as: Shitty Pudding.

Rusty Hearts? WE GOT ANOTHER NAME FOR IT. However, this show is more about pie embezzlement and twitter questions… about pie embezzlement.

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The face of the enemy.

  • Eustace

    I was mostly trying to reference this.

  • A cup of yogurt, mixed with a cup of blueberries, mixed with a cup of granola = my breakfast.

    Am I an addict?

  • Evil Penguin

    I would pay you five dollars to per game you stream. Honestly, dats some good times.

  • A man of peak physical ability, with a talent for pastries like no other. He looks to become the greatest baker in the world and discover the God Recipe, but he has only one weakness: Cakes themselves.

    It’s the perfect set-up for the latest hit anime.

  • Beat Bandit

    Finally watching all the Steam prompts of Joel playing this make sense.

  • For some godawful reason, I am going to try yogurt and Grape Nuts.
    I am pretty sure that is the only way that cereal will ever taste good.

  • Chasedamon

    When xcom was announced I thought it would be like Valkyria Chronicles but with good menus and a better research center. Then I saw the demo for it and all my excitement just rush out of me.

    Then the Firaxis xcom was announced and all I could think of was a final fantasy tactics style game with more out of mission things to do. Now I will just be happy if they are not just total crap.

    I suspect I will only get all my xcom fun from Xenonauts.