• Rbx5

    Ok, am I the only one who’s only getting the site in it’s mobile version for some reason? And am unable to view it in the regular browser mode?

  • It’s not a problem for me. You may have toggled some switch in your browser?

  • Kenshin

    Yeah I’m getting the mobile version too, it’s not my browser that’s for sure.

    Anyways, I haven’t played Valkyria Chronicles in a long time. Such a damn great game. It’s a shame no more have been made for consoles. I just can not get into hand held games unless it’s a game I can play in very short bursts. (tetris, pacman, superstardust etc.)

  • Weston

    Wanted to give this game a shot but I could only get my hands on the psp version. Couldn’t stand it. Is it very different from the console one? 

  • If you didn’t like it because of the bullshit anime characters then VC1 is a lot better. If you didn’t like it because of having to shuffle your guys around different maps within a level, or because the levels were really repetitive, that’s better too. Otherwise it’s pretty much the same.

    What browser are people using that’s giving them problems? I’ve tried Firefox, Chrome, and Safari with no issues on multiple computers.

  • Weston 

    I usually dig on bad anime enthusiasm. I guess I was hoping for a 3rd person shooter and less role playing stuff. Anyone ever play God Eater Burst on psp? I’ve put a shameful number of hours in that one.