Tonight’s Stream

Have at it:

Stream is here. I supposed we’ll start at 9 or 10 EST.

  • The Joel

    Everyone likes Chrono Trigger.

  • Yeah, I pretty much knew it was a forgone conclusion once we put Chrono Trigger up there.

  • RandomDan

    Well, i’m all for educating peoples into the greatness that is chrono trigger.

  • randy knoll

    Can you find a new place to stream. Twitchtv is forcing you to take some surveys and obvious scams to get on the site. Is anyone else having this problems?

  • Is it possible you mistyped the URL? I’ve gotten to a fake site by transposing the letters in the address, but I’ve never seen anything more offensive than a 30 second ad on the real

  • Superdude

    The link on the post is missing a ‘t’ in twi’t’
    It leads to a fake site.

  • Well, that’s the problem then. :D Sorry!