Show #465: The Monkey Will Issue Many Commands.

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This show also known as: I NEED IT FOR MY POTIONS.

This show also ALSO known as: Sorry body, you know I hate you.

I guess we’re big enough nerds to have played Dungeons & Dragons. That kind of delays us talking about Mystery of Mamo and then Flintstones cereal waylays us halfway through.


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  • Tim J

    On the FF plot front, the overarcing plot of 9 was that one planet was basically dying and had hatched an insane scheme to basically steal the life force of another planet and implant their souls into clone bodies that currently walk about sans souls. The main character is one of these, given a soul so he can be a horrific destructive force.

    FF10, 1000 years ago, the world was racked by a war of high tech vs high magic. The losers in the war had a desperate gambit to make it a Pyrrhic victory for the other side this turned their leader into a nigh unstoppable monster who destroyed most of the armies. Through a scheme of his daughter, they created a new religion to control the world and basically perpetuate their control.

    The essentially gods of the world were so grieved by the death of an entire nation, they devoted their entire power to mimicking this world for one thousand years. Your goal- undo this scheme.

    As for 13-2 needing to go back to basics and not bother with time travel- Time Travel IS the basics. The Original FF involves Time Travel.

  • Chris

    Ahh man I love Mamo(the movie that is, not the blue dude), great soundtrack and probably my favorite Lupin movie. You should consider doing another Lupin film, would be interesting to hear your opinions.