Show #464: Who’s The President?

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This show also known as: On the phone you really sounded like you were not a pterodactyl.

Our IV Drip of Yoshiaki Kawajiri releases another pearlescent drop that takes shape as the Lensman movie. Time paradoxes are abound because: AKIRA THE MOVIE CAME AFTER THIS BUT AKIRA THE MANGA CAME BEFORE THIS SO WHO STOLE THE SPEEDER CHASE FROM WHOM. Also, it does not make sense why the Federation can’t beat every other group of people in the galaxy in Star Trek just by sheer numbers. FORGET IT LET’S JUST RAVE/COMMIT BRUTALITY.

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  • This was such a funny podcast… I was losing it when you guys talked about Bill and the police and the 17 warnings. Dammit, that was funny. One of the greats guys!

  • Saw that you guys reviewed Lensman, so I sat down with a bottle of whiskey and watched it before listening to the podcast, which is the ultimate anime experience.

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