Show #463: Golgo 13 Has Too Much Dignity!

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This show also known as: (gun in a balloon)

We played even more Dark Souls! So we talk about that (and the danger of Marshmallow Snack Packs) for 20 minutes before we get into the meat of the matter which is MERRY CHRISTMAS, DARYL SURAT. HERE IS YOUR PRESENT.


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  • The Joel

    I just realized Golgo is totally looking through that scope the wrong way. This is either an oversight or just one more illustration of his greatness.

  • I think it’s more an optical illusion to give the viewer the perception that Golgo is looking at the scope from the other eye. Or it could be the fact that Golgo was bored enough to try the other eye for giggles while he assassinated Kim Jong Il. Heart attack is what the media is saying, I think not.

  • Captain Genius

    Golgo don’t need no sissy scope.
    He simply wills his bullets into his victims.

  • Rivet

    Found an 11 minute loop of Careless Whisper Sax intro.

  • Peach

    As a long time listener and one of maybe 3 women on the planet who actually like Golgo 13, this made my day when I saw it. Another classic, guys.

    Also, Joel, your challenge has been accepted. When the two of you finally contract Golgo 13, you can spend your last days on Earth listening to the smoothest sax solo ever. 10 hours of Careless Whisper right here. (It was a pain, but totally worth it.)

    Audio only here: (Warning: big file.)

  • Shell Casket

    In honor of all the hours of entertainment you guys have provided me I threw this together.

    And if embeding doesn’t work then :P