The Return of Super King Awesome

EDIT: ALL DONE. Super King’s comin’ back.

So, Skyrim’s out. I don’t have a lot of interest in the game per se, but I do love Super King Awesome. Because I’m not a super huge Elder Scrolls fan I can’t justify buying Skyrim for myself. Maybe you can!

If I get $60 in my Paypal account ( or if I sell a commensurate amount of shirts and stickers (I will ignore that I make approximately $2 profit on a shirt and consider it done at four or five sales) I will happily download Skyrim and start plugging away at the continuing adventures of Super King awesome.

Maybe this is something that interests you!

Fundraising Thermometer
  • I can’t believe you got $60 dollars that fast! Sheesh Dave I think you missed your calling at life: professional paypal funded hobo.

    But that’s not what I came here for. I just wanted to let you know I included a promo to your show on my podcast ( I don’t expect a trailer exchange or anything I know you guys dont’ do that. I just wanted to let you know so in some small way I could repay you guys for all the laughs you’ve given me over the years (and all the strange looks I’ve gotten at work when I randomly burst out laughing).

    Oh and also to let you know your dragon quest promo link is busted.

  • EZE

    I for one am looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this game and perhaps watching some “Let’s play Skyrim” vids in the future?

    I didn’t play Oblivion because it looked boring as hell. I’ve played the Fallout game and loved those and by virtue of that I decided to buy Skyrim. 3 days in and I am glad I did.

    Skyrim is much better than Fallout 3 and New Vegas. The fact that it’s not set in a barren wasteland makes a ton of difference. Plus you can become a fucking werewolf! A WEREWOLF! I believe this is what you and Joel judge every game on. “An inclusion or lack of werewolves” if I may quote what you gentlemen once said.

    Don’t let us down Dave!

  • InjuredNinja

    Glad you got the donations, I am excited to hear your thoughts. I haven’t got the game yet (too many great games out this year, still trying to get few a through), but it will be my first Elder Scrolls game. Hope you guys dedicate some time on a future podcast to this.