Show #460: We Have The Drunkest Dragons You Can Imagine

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This show also known as: Take That, The Sky.

OH BOY. Not only do we kick it with to un(der)sung games of the past few weeks (Dungeon Defenders and Space Marine) but we have the now-standard Dark Souls status update and Dave learns all there is to know about being a Sister Wife. And I recorded this on my USB headset instead of my real mic and it was fine for almost the whole time before it went to static shit at the end. So you can’t hear me complain about Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you care that much about it I made it the stinger.

Also I guess the crappy headset can’t explain my unprecedented use of the word ‘like’ in this episode.

Music Selection: SPACE MARINES.

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You didn’t invent shit.

  • Nikita

    I was going to ask that the Daryl Suratcha pic become the official spoiler mark. Great minds think alike, I suppose.

  • Man what-EVER, I only care about spoilers for things I care about and I sure ain’t gonna play Dark Souls the way I will someday play every major title coming out this month (clicks to listen)

  • Well, that was actually just an accident because I copy-paste the template for these episodes and I forgot to put the new image in place of Suratcha. But now that people have noticed it I GUESS IT STANDS.

  • Well, butts. I’d be lying if I said that picture doesn’t slightly irritate me. But then, it’s specifically engineered to. Perhaps it should be clarified to state which game is being spoiled. Going by context, I assume it was Dark Souls. Having beaten Space Marine myself, I can attest that nothing was spoiled about that.

    For what it’s worth, multiple sources have stated that Joystiq got it wrong and that the US PS3 version of MGS HD does indeed support the “transfarring” feature. Something to consider if that was going to decide your purchase. Me, I want to know if any control issues are introduced by the fact that the 360 version doesn’t have pressure-sensitive face buttons, since you needed those for CQC.

  • Let me spoil Warhammer 40K Space Marine for everyone:

    Ork with cockney British accent: “Space marine!”

  • Please bring back Robo-Dave on the podcast again. It was like if Dave had been a robot the entire time without telling anyone and his voice box started to malfunction while talking. What would have made it better if Robo-Dave just started to repeat words really really fast.

    “Star-star-starstarstar Wars MMO sounds al-alalal-right”