Show #459: Step Two Is Die.

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This show also known as: I thought we said we were gonna call them OHKOs

Jawin’ ’bout Dark Souls, riffin’ on Tiger and Bunny. Mid-game/season spoilers for both. Also spoilers for “Hello, I’m President Barack Obama” and “Octo-Stackers.” Also Catwoman being a “bitch” versus the Locust Queen being a “bitch.”

Music Selection: [Le Tigre] and Bunny.

This show is about:

That spicy spoiler taste.

  • I just want you to know that as much as I’m sure these podcasts are full of talk about how I’m a big ol’ poopypants crybaby, the warnings do work: I haven’t listened to an episode of Fast Karate in quite some time because I know the level of detail you’re going into about whatever game just came out that I won’t be able to play for some time yet is far more than I’d want to hear ahead of time.

    So by all means, you have my full permission to continue making the funny pictures with my face looking stupid and throwing in the show note warnings stating “WARNING THIS PODCAST AIN’T FOR LITTLE BITCHES LIKE DARYL SURAT” because it lets me know ahead of time that it’s not for limp-dicked non-Venturas like myself.

  • I appreciate that, even though you don’t listen to podcasts, you still care enough to post two hundred word comments within an hour of the episode going up. :D

  • Onomarchus


  • If you want Daryl Surat to to pay attention to your podcast, all you’ve gotta do is put two words in your show notes.

  • Yanma89

    I made the mistake of falling asleep while listening to this episode. Thanks for the nightmare inducing stinger Dave.

  • Captain Genius

    So, I started listening to this podcast a while ago because it was supposed to be about anime and video games, and all you two did was talk about food. Now all you guys talk about is anime and games. Dammit, talk about food.

  • Max

    Oh snap, called out! Thanks for addressing my concerns, I think I’m probably going to end up buying Dark Souls now. Incidentally, whenever I say “as well you should” these days, I always append “Genie”, so we’re even as far as the OHKO thing goes.

  • Norondor

    people are giving way more of a shit about arkham city because catwoman’s kind of one of the only worthwhile female characters in comics and there was just that big debacle a couple weeks ago with her humping batman on a rooftop with a lot of pornographic camera angles throughout the issue, so.

  • w3a2

    When are you goong to accept my forum application? ‘sbeen 2 days now

  • Yanma89

    @w3a2 just send him an email.

  • I approved an application yesterday. If it wasn’t yours, that means yours was indistinguishable from a spam application and got lost in the shuffle. :D

  • Sven

    what the deuce was that stinger? I am very confused.

  • Yeah, Captain. Remember when Dave was jealous that Giant Bomb was getting awesome food questions, then everyone sent in awesome food questions, then Dave stopped reading any questions?

  • Norondor, do you read comics? How do you think Catwoman’s one of the most “worthwhile” female characters in comics? Cleavage?

    I think people give a shit about Arkham City because it’s frikkin Arkham City.

  • Dreg

    I was really mad that the bad guys kept screaming “bitch” as well. It drowned out the catalogue of profanities I myself was screaming at the game.

  • Joel, Spider-man would have no problems being a superhero while working at the Daily Planet. In fact, I don’t think he would want to be a superhero at all if he worked there.

    You guys already gave some helpful tips, but I watch this Frenchman and he has some helpful tips as well.—dark-souls-87122314.html