Show #458: He’s Got Ups.

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This show also known as: Rapier Shotgun.

Dark Souuuuuuls. (my mic sucks because I’m in New Hampshire and I just brought a shitty lavalier, sorry).

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  • I live in seacoast NH and have always been curious whereabouts in NH you keep going up to. Sorry if it’s personal.

  • Captain Genius

    I made a fat robot on PSO for the dreamcast as well.
    His name was Fatty.
    That thing where you could set dialog to 4 directions of the d-pad, he’d complain that his sides hurt if we ran too much, and that he only joined the party because he’d heard there was punch and pie. And that he was pissed there was no punch or pie.

  • Big Winters

    A couple of times I’ve fallen off stuff whilst going back to recover my souls but BY FAR more annoying are the Ents (fuck trademarks, they’re walking trees) in the Darkroot Garden who have a Insta-Kill if you get too close. And as the blend into the background, and sometimes the trees and leaves can block the camera, that can be real annoying.

    As for Surt, I don’t know for sure, but I was watching a youtube video by a guy who played Demon Soul’s and he said there might be a guy like him in this game. He’s behind a breakable board in the church where you fight the Gargoyle’s on the roof. Not knowing this, and the a big prompt that said ‘let him out of the cell?’ tempting me I let the guy out. Nothing bad has happened yet, I don’t think, but who knows. Apparently he looks just like Surt but his armor is yellow instead. He drops a sweet ring as well apparently.

    As for grinding, just want to get this out there because I’ve not seen it anywhere else, there’s a great spot in the darkroot basin. If you do down to the bottom of the cliff side there’s a black knight, and beyond him there’s a bonfire. Then go up back up and to the other side until you see a bunch of ice-giant-things. If you run beyond those theres a huge Hydra in the lake behind them, which looks fucking cool, that constantly fires Ice bullets at you. But those ice bullets him the Ice-Giants as well, so just aggro them and just run around until the Hydra kills them; they drop 200 souls each and there’s 4 of them. They also drop something rare every now and again, but the Hydra killed me before I could grab it.

    This game also marks the pinnacle of Rag-doll physics for me, I don’t know if its the same in Demon Soul’s but if run through dudes corpse’s, sometimes they can latch on, and if you roll they stick to your legs and roll with you. I did it with about 10 corpse’s when those guys rush you before the gargoyle’s and it looked really stupid / awesome.

    I found a cheesy way to get past some stuff too, if you die, and then quit back to the dashboard when that item screen pops up (on 360, don’t know about PS3) sometimes when you load it up, it’s as if you died, but then were teleported there, so your bloodstain is there, and the enemies not aggro’d. There’s a pretty serious looking window that pops up before you load though, about not quitting when it’s saving, so use with caution I guess.

    That and I also totally wasted the Fire Keepers Souls and I was PISSED.

  • Captain Genius’ comment made me giggle. Very “The Tick”

    I just picked up Demons Souls again after beating Persona 4 and wanting to finish this game + get Dark Souls.

    I don’t think Demon’s Souls is hard, as most people say. I think Demon’s Souls is a dick, a giant mas of dicks forming one big dick. Of course, since it’s so big, you can avoid it, but if it catches you, you’re fucked.

    I had a LOVELY encounter with Dragon God, who, it immediately became clear, shouldn’t have been fucked with right away. Guess I don’t need those souls anyway.

  • Max

    I’m a little confused. You say that it doesn’t have any “unfair” deaths, and then you described stuff like running into an enemy that was immune to attacks and had an unblockable OHKO, with no indication that it was that powerful. And the part with the guy you let out- how could you know that he was going to do something like that if you let him out? Dave says something like “be smarter next time” but in what way was letting him out dumb? Is there some context for this stuff in the game that isn’t coming across, because from your description it sounds kind of fun but also really cheap and like a good chunk of your play time is just dying to find out what not to do.

  • DensityDucj

    Max, for future reference these guys LOVE R-Type, which is pretty much entirely “die to find out what not to do”

  • The Joel

    Wait, there are people that don’t like R-Type?