Show #455: Please Let Him Tranq Me Out

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This show also known as: BOXES KILLED MY MOTHER.

Because I knows the haters are going to come out of the woodwork, I will preface this podcast. Just because we want to talk about one stereotypical character does not mean we:

1) Hate Deus Ex

2) Think the people who made Deus Ex are racist

3) Want to start some groundswell of public outcry over Deus Ex

Because HOT DAMN Deus Ex is probably the best game I’ve played in years. This game is so crazy good! It’s TOO crazy good! If there are bad things in it that warrants mentioning, because really, a character like that doesn’t belong in any game, much less one of this caliber.

With regards to the rest of the show: I don’t think there’s significant spoilers in this podcast, but there’s probably enough to turn away Daryl “Don’t tell me there are boss fights in this game” Surat. So if you are an equal level of spoiler baby and you don’t want to know whether or not there’s an ice level (IS THERE A SECRET ICE LEVEL??) then be advised that we might spoil the fact that this is a videogame and it has some mechanics that one might associate with a videogame. SPOILERS: fuck the internet, the boss fights are great.

Music Selection: Song, much like this game, channels some serious Ghost in the Shell. This is not a problem.

This show is about:

Might keep you alive.