Show #453: I HATE YOU POP-POP.

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This show also known as: They Are So Gonna Fire Me…

BUT MAD BULL WASN’T THE ONLY THING WE SAW AT OTAKON. Sometimes we watch new stuff too! Was it the new Full Metal Alchemist? NO. The new Trigun? NEVER. What we watched was a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE PREMIERE. THE FIRST EVER OF ITS KIND. Jon Skabla once said: there are no pandas, only fat Chinese people. THAT IS RACIST. But so is this movie (and all fighting games by default)! Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Tekken: Blood Vengeance. (also my head is too fat for a headset)

Music Selection: MY NAME’S HEIHACHI.

This show is about:

(panda jetpack)

2 thoughts on “Show #453: I HATE YOU POP-POP.

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  2. Oh snap… the Panda express….
    Is that a movie or am I thinking of a Chinese fast food place?

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