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This show also known as: You can’t flip something in space, I tried!

AVAST ME HEARTIES. BATTEN DOWN THE HATCHES BECAUSE IT’S TIME FOR Mad Bull Episode 3 and it is still a horrifying crime against humanity. This time they decide the sexism and ultraviolence isn’t enough, why not throw in some racism while we’re at it?? MY GOD. What is wrong with you people who like this shit (Daryl). BUT FIRST: a segue railing again a Kotaku commentor re: Street Fighter III (don’t wake the momma grizzly (the momma grizzly is Joel)) and Half Minute Hero is a slamming game that’s very fun and you all should play.

(also let’s spend a brief minute insulting Suda 51 games so people can get on my case about it)

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Let it be said: you’d be more likely beat a tank with kicks than you would be to finish a whole package of Goldberg Peanut Chews.