Show #443: Not One of Those Sexy Cougars.

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This show also known as: Curtis You’re Like The Easter Bunny and Santa All Rolled Up Into One.

Summer Wars? Portal 2? BARELY. We talk about it long enough that I outline one joke. If that counts as spoilers why don’t you cry about it to someone who cares (maybe Joel?) But basically this show is about my personal life so sorry because you’re gonna be boredeodeodeod, but that’s okay because Joel ended up recording off his internal microphone or something so it sounds like a cow’s asshole! ENJOY IN GOOD HEALTH (ladies bring me cake). JOEL ARE YOU WATCHING 24 DURING THE SHOW.

Music Selection: IT’S MY SHIT IT’S MY SHIT.

This show is about:

Is this ganache? I don’t actually know what it is.