Show #442: I’m A Very Poorly Specced Warrior.

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This show also known as: Demands of the Kyun? Koon? Have I been saying it wrong this whole time?

Dragon Age 2 is still happening! Also, Portal 2 ARG(GGRRGGRSRGRSS)s and company politics. Hint: they still care about money even if they make jokes about the cake being a lie. Yeah I left that part in where Joel hangs up on me. It’s called PODCASTING VERITE, and you’re gonna learn to like it. Then George Romero comes in at the end for some reason. Also now that I think of it I think the island was Scottish. ALSO can he not fix his arm because he needs two arms to fix things? He should just have his brother do it. And fuck it, I JUST WANNA KISS UP ON THESE POTION ICONS (even if the middle one looks like evil hitler).

Music Selection: I wish every anime did that thing where the closing music fades in over the last few seconds of the episode, then every show could have moments of inappropriate hilarity where the song’s comin’ in and being all poppy and upbeat while BITCHES JUST GOT MURDERED AND YOU NEED TO REFLECT ON YOUR LIFE SCAR BECAUSE YOU ARE GOING DOWN A DARK PATH BUT THAT’S OKAY I LOVE KESENAI TSUMI.

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