Show #406: Tastykake 2 Pokeyman.

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This show also known as: Fuck you, [I have] Pikachu!

Nier might be awesome. We don’t know, we haven’t played it. It MAY have a super-hot tranny.

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The Massive.

  • Astornuggets

    Front Mission 4 came out in ’04

  • Onomarchus

    I haven’t properly played Nier yet. I have it, but I’m working through part of my backlog to get to it. Still, I know a bit about it from buzz and things I couldn’t keep myself from finding out. For once thing, I saw a picture on the internet that strongly indicates the character in question (I assume it was “her”) possesses the male sexual organ.

    The two versions thing is on wikipedia, and the division isn’t really about platforms (though it does skew that way in Japan). What I consider the main, original version of Nier–and the only version we get in the US whether it is on PS3 or 360–is called Nier Gestalt and features a older-looking burly guy trying to save his daughter. This version is only on the XBox in Japan. Some people thought this wouldn’t sell well over there so they changed the hero to a young bishy-looking character trying to save his sister, called it Nier Replicant, and made it the PS3-only version in Japan. I heard you can play some of this as DLC over here, but otherwise Americans should kindly forget about this. I suppose there could be some insane super-spoiler type stuff that is different between them, but I haven’t heard about it.

    Speaking of that, Nier is supposed to be full of insane super-spoiler stuff (though with a good story, not just an insane one), and I painfully restrain myself from looking at the extensive spoilers I have encountered for it. I never played Drakengard–everyone says it has terrible gameplay so stay away–but I did watch a screenshot/video playthrough and can verify its attraction is its batshit insanity, not the allure of cool dragons. An FKG review of Drakengard would be too much to hope for, probably too much to handle.

    Drakengard playthrough:

    The big-reveal sequence of Drakengard and possibly the most batshit insane thing in all of gaming:


    I know this has nothing to do with the episode, but I stumbled across this, and if anyone can appreciate this it is the fine people here. Well come to think of it Bauer might be interested in exhibitionist terrorist.

  • Borehammer

    Some might say that if hobos can’t masturbate in public without fear of getting shot, then the terrorists win, but I say EVERYONE WINS!

  • LordCustos3

    re: Bastard!!
    I think Joel might confusing “Bastard!!” with some other show. Maybe “Black Lion” or “Basilisk” or something.

  • Onomarchus

    Bad news: I found the Kainé proof picture. There is no nudity per se, but you do not want to click this.


  • RickyRico

    I made the same face as that guy in that picture.

  • Kor

    Like another poster above, this isn’t related to this episode, but I felt I had to share..

  • Jordan C

    You guys kind of have the wrong impression of Drakengard 1. While it may look like it reeks of Renaissance fair nerdom(and the voice acting dosen’t help) ,but its an incredibly dark and insane game. The plots and endings are pretty much the most screwed up things I may have seen in video games. I wouldn’t recommended playing the game though.

    Anyway, good show as always.

  • Twitch

    Fun fact about Berserk, that naked succubus chick is named Slaan and, I shit you not, lives in a dimension made of boobs.

  • Maur

    Hm, never seen a Tastykake but now I’m intrigued

  • LordCustos3

    “Fun fact about Berserk, that naked succubus chick is named Slaan and, I shit you not, lives in a dimension made of boobs.”
    suddenly adding Berserk to my to-do list.

  • A.L.

    I have played Nier, it is fun if you enjoy being sent from point A to point B 50 times looking for someone who is clearly not in either place. It might also interest you if you enjoy fighting a ton of enemies who all look like the same half rendered monsters.

  • Lincoln Mathews

    Favorite quote of the first 406 episodes of Fast Karate:
    “To all the people that I know, that you don’t actually know if I like you or not… assume that I don’t”
    classic…. I’ll send you a friend request… zing!
    [nudge, nudge… you get it…].