Show #405: Just Light The Fuse (it’s in my butt)!

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I’ll give you one guess what Street Fighter Alpha is about. Here’s a hint: it’s not cotton candy.

Music Selection: BURNT PIZZA? PIZZA GUT?

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  • Zahooee

    Joel, when painting with “rich” colors, such as red, over lighter colors, it’s best to prep with a primer that’s been tinted to the same color as the paint. Then you will only need to apply the normal two coats of paint after the primer dries.

    …after listening all this time *this* is what gets me to comment? Laaaaaaaaaaaaame……

  • Gin

    I don’t ever comment and the thing that causes me to is when you’re talking about paint. Clearly, there is something wrong with my priorities because c’mon you guys talk about food and that’s awesome.

    I painted a couple of walls red too. I could never get it to look even so after 8 coats of paint (drying a night in between) I decided “screw this” and stopped. After a week, once it cured, it looked totally fine. I kind of wonder if I stopped after 3 or 4 coats if it would have cured up fine too.

  • Gin

    @zahooee peanut butter is awesome, amirite?

  • Tim

    Obviously, the solution is that Joel should have painted with Peanut Butter

    Also, SF Alpha 3 was pretty good, and the only of the three to have ‘a’ final boss. The other two had final bosses based on who you were, IIRC.

    If you read the Udon Sakura Comics, they actually get a lot of milage out of the fact that Sakura has absolutely no business being anywhere near the crap she’s in, especially during their Dark Hadou arc.
    Also, attack helicopters are about 1/20th a Ryu kick.

  • I saw this movie once when it was on the Sci-Fi channel. All I remember was that it was terrible.

  • FK Junkie

    I don’t know which is better:
    ~ When only one of them is still recording at the very end
    ~When Dave and Joel are both still taping

    But this one was spectacular

  • I actually prefer having bosses based on what character you choose. We should just face that some of the characters are jobbers to mid-level status, while others are the stars of the show.

    I’d love a fighting game that actually told me a story through the arcade mode. Insane, I know.

  • Maur

    Oh lord, can’t believe Dave evoked that awful Pizza Hut song *shudder*

    Also isn’t this the Street Fighter movie that had gratuitous shots of Chun-Li’s ass?

  • Nick

    Did he also point a gun at his head yell “PERSONA!” when he did that?