Show #404: Relationship Status: Complicated

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This show also known as: Tell Me Where You’re Going With This, Mystery Man.

Let’s talk about Law and Order: SVU! WHY? Because we’re Fast Karate for the FUCKING GENTLEMAN and we don’t answer to nobody. Which I guess is actually true, because this podcast has no sponsors, and will never provide even a subsistence living. It has its perks, though, like the ability to speculate about bacon flavored potato chips.

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  • MC Walker

    Dudes, I remade that Cogswell Pepperbox rap song because the original was super sketchy. This one is AT LEAST 1.5x better.

  • I used to love watching this until Hallmark UK starting fucking around with the air time.

  • Kidder

    IT Crowd is filmed in front of a live audience.

  • Gotta agree with Joel: IT Crowd is hilarious and I can’t wait for the upcoming 4th season.

    Also, Pita and Naan combo? Oh man, I gotta go to NYC again…

    Again, you guys rock. This podcast was LOLarious (?) (is that right Dave?)

  • Ian

    SVU … really? You guys should talk about The Wire.

  • Ian

    Oh and the first season of Justified just ended too that was pretty fun.

  • Thank you for missing the point of this 4+ year podcast.

  • Sub

    The VERY VERY EXERCISE guy at the Konami dance presentation was Naoki Maeda, who is responsible for a lot of the music DDR used.

    I was only able to understand the music when I saw the man at the press conference. Now it all makes sense.

  • Jefferson

    Why not speak of the World Cup?

  • Ian

    I think I get the point … hmmm … we aren’t so different you and I?

  • The Joel

    The reason we haven’t talked about the Wire is because I never really watched it. I’m thinking of doing a Netflix binge, though. This years Otakon will be full of false memories of things I saw but never really happened.

    I guess it might be asking a lot of listeners to check out the garbage we put out 4 years ago but SVU has been a constant theme on this show. Mariska Hargitay is like our real life Major Kusanagi, badongadonk not withstanding.


  • Ian

    I hear that. CI is also pretty interesting too. They had Private Pile for years and now Dr. Ian Malcolm from J Park. My main point is that in listening for the past 2-3 years I’ve found many of the best shows were the ones where you guys seem to honestly enjoy talking about the material and have fun with it. I know it’s tough to find such material but I’m confident that you guys can talk about “good” stuff and still give it the FK treatment. Also, I just heard the Straight Jacket podcast and that was quite fun I’m glad you guys watched it.

  • Tim

    If it was just the one file that killed the computer, I’d guess disk failure in an area so small that disk check overlooked it. If it was any file, I’d bet logic board failure.

    Also, Dwarves would obviously be the new asian stereotype. Elves would be the eastern european/ eurotrash replacement.

  • Kidder

    About your PC problems. I had a similar problem on my first PC. Turned out that the CPU fan wasn’t keeping the processor cool enough (wasn’t mounted properly or something), so I bought a new more powerful fan and liberally applied the cooling gel. No more problems.

    We actually had a similar thing happen on a PC at work. Similar problem and similar solution.

  • I can’t find this episode :(

  • Onomarchus

    After hearing what you said about the SVU episodes, I think it is time for the inevitable, necessary Narutaru review.

  • I want this to be made into a full series:

  • Astornuggets

    The Mass Effect 2 DLC altogether will last all of about 5 hours or so, if you’re lucky.

  • Ian, if they talked about The Wire, it would be “Yeah, this was good” “This episode was great” “That moment was awesome.” AKA less interesting podcasting.

    Now if it was reviewed by Daryl Surat, who hearts “Benjamin Grimm gots a gun” over The Wire, then it would be interesting AKA frustrating.

  • steven

    Hey I had a similar problem with when I built my last computer.

    It turned out the fan for the processor fan was set for alternate current, when it needed to be on direct current, so it was running way too hot. Fixed it in the BIOS and everything went perfect from then on.

  • Dreck

    Did you guys ever play the sequel to that game STALKER? I guess theres this game out called Singularity, it kind of reminds me of the type of thing you’d be into

  • Ian

    I got it Burn Notice. That show has some pretty dumb stuff in it and is sort of a great fun throw back to old 80’s shows like The A-Team and The Equalizer.

  • Qood

    I know this will be relevant for some people. And by “some people” I mean people too afraid to type “mariska hargitay nude” into google.