Deus Ex Incoming

Putting together an article about Deus Ex. Why don’t you all buy it on Steam for $2.50 today and we can have a big old discussion about it. Be forewarned: skipping the opening cutscene, in the style of Dark City, is maybe advisable. Unless you’re like me and forget everything you watch four seconds afterwards anyway.

  • S1licon

    Yes. Deus Ex is easily in my top three favorite games, ten years on and playing it is still incredible.

    I highly recommend installing some mods to improve your experience. The most important is Shifter, which introduces tons of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, it’s very easy to install.

    Shifter (Gameplay tweaks):

    This guide (Which I have not tried but from all comments seems to work flawlessly) includes a step by step walkthrough for installing Shifter as well as several great graphics mods.


  • Man, I bought this game a while ago, and it’s so great, but I haven’t beat it yet. Maybe I will get those mods and get back to it. I do love me some good game discussion bout some good gaems.

  • Adam

    You command, I obey. The game is downloading as I type this.

  • Zohn


    A BOMB!

    Welcome to the collation all of you poor saps who have never played the best game ever made. Just remember to stick with the prod, and pick the GEP gun on liberty island.

  • I picked up the PS2 version awhile back, but I have a feeling the PC is the way to go. Thanks for the heads up!

  • Feddy

    If your to cheap to buy the game / don’t have the time I remember seeing some sweet speed runs and maybe there is a Let’s Play as well. That way at least you could sort of follow the story.

  • Dreck

    It strikes me as odd that the videogame world hasn’t dealth with the rather typical cyberpunk world as seen in Deus Ex as often as the movie or anime world. Doesn’t make sense to me; it’s such a classic SF visual style…
    Deus Ex 3 looks cool though, the trailer, anyway

  • The Warden

    Cannot thank you enough for deciding on doing an article about this near perfect game. You can beat the entire game without killing anyone (with the exception of one, have to skip confrontation).

    Enjoy the hell out of it! First level drags a little, but only gets better!

  • I met and spoke with Warren Spector(daddy of Deus Ex aka game designer) He reminds me of the “cool” professor you may have had in college. Very passionate, smart and accessible. I would suggest sending Warren an email about the article. I’m sure he would reply. He’s not a diva like Cliff at Epic. Deus Ex is in my top 5 list of best games ever. I would suggest playing it on the PC. Since I can’t stand running around in circles. Hello no clipping on cheat!