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Plastic Little is just another one of those stupid, garbage shows. It’s got nothin’ on pie, that’s for sure.


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  • eric

    Listening right now. I swear; you guys have to be making some of this shit up. Sounds almost as retarded as the proposed Jack Bauer/John McClane team-up movie, “Die Hard: 24/7” (which is real).

  • Tim

    Plastic Little was made by the Manga-ka Satoshi Urushihara. He’s a decent artist, but really, he is best known for his lovingly crafted nipples.
    As for the ‘latex catsuit’, I always figured it was a leather bikesuit, like Priss’s in BGC.
    I first saw this anime long long ago, so yeah, Eva era spike spencer. Who, BTW, has several things coming out he’s not at liberty to discuss, as he mentioned at this year’s Animazement. Funny guy.

    My personal verdict on Plastic Little? Not bad. Yes, Urushihara’s love of nipples is ridiculous, but the stupid action is at least fun to watch, and it’s pretty short.

  • Ian

    Is that mashed potatoes chicken and gravy in a sundae glass? Made to look like a Sundae? What a time to be alive.

  • Jasper

    Pie soup dish? Australia has you covered

    (yes you can actually buy these here)

  • Felix Walken

    Don’t worry guys, things change a lot by the 2nd movie.

    Also, what is in that glass?

  • I’m glad that pork parfait photo I sent you guys sparked such a great food discussion. The second Eva movie goes completely off the rails, so I’d love to hear what you guys think of it. Also…. peanut butter dust? Where can I buy such a thing?

  • So any idea when the 2nd one is getting dubbed or would I be better off hunting down a fansub?

  • Maur

    I would buy a shirt just because I like this podcast but as I’ve previously mentioned I’m not crazy about some of the choices made for the shirt so we come to a critical problem. I’m not sure how many other people face the same conflict, but for me the question is “Do you buy a shirt you will probably never wear to support something you like?”

    I’m really hoping other people buy it so I could wait until I see something I like.

  • Gutter

    I ordered a shirt. c:

  • woo

    Can i just pay you in person or something since i live in manhattan and have no pay pal? I don’t mean to sound so creepy and ill probably buy 2 shirts : D

  • Walt

    You forgot to mention the giggle meter that came with this show.