Show #402: You Want This JUTSU??

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This show also known as: Energetic woman but whose mind feel the dark-side. She wanna kill ninn ’cause he said “Wow, pretty ass!” In fact, she got tired.

So many things to talk about. Peanut butter forests. Thai food. Lying Middle Eastern restaurants who don’t want to deliver to you. Lost Planet 2. Insect Vampire Drug Addicts. But most importantly, I want you all to buy Mamotte Knight. I did, however, neglect to mention how RACIST one of the chapters in Lost Planet 2 is. And it’s like: why?

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The charming artist.

  • Astornuggets

    I didn’t really care for Protect me Knight.

  • I hate your taste in everything.

  • Nick

    I asked a stupid question. Please ignore me.

  • Dave: Two other food cultures that you need to get yourself acquainted with (if not already) are Moroccan food (which includes a dish that mixes chicken and some sort of apple pie in magic goodness) and Ethiopian food (which is worth it for the spongy bread “injera” alone.)

    This podcast always gets to new heights when you guys talk about food. Maybe the subtitle above should be:

    “A Semi-Weekly Podcast About Stupid Cartoons and Vidjergames… and some delicious Peanut Butter based Cuisine.”

  • Astornuggets

    I had Ethiopian food once and people thought I was ill and were concerned for my well being after eating it despite me feeling okay at the time.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for more of your GoW3 comments. Refined and fresh to hear again. Great episode guys.

  • Felix Walken

    More peanut butter is always good. But can you guys talk about chocolate?

  • How about you guys talk about that Mortal Kombat short film?

  • Michael

    Did you get the game from the Japanese Live?

  • Geoff

    I looked under both Mamotte Knight and Protect Me Knight. It appears that Microsoft are super pissed about the whole BP thing and are preventing people in the UK from buying this game as an act of petty vengeance.

    You win this time Microsoft…

  • To find the game you have to go to Xbox indie games, scroll to the bottom (where the Japanese games are) and start paging up until you find it. I’m pretty sure the box art has ‘protect me knight’ in english, so it’ll be easy to find.

  • Astornuggets

    Its one of the top rated games so if that’s a list for you… then you can find it super easy like I did.

  • Geoff

    Thanks for the help, I found it following Dave’s instructions. It appears there was no conspiracy. This time.

    Their website has some awesome fake box art on it. (Also if you select the Japanese version of the site and click on the picture of the floppy disk you can download a demo of the game for PC)