Show #401: The Radiation is in My Balls

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This show also known as: Nobody gets more ass than a stolen submarine captain.

With our 401st show we enter a new era of Fast Karate, and what better to herald our maintaining the status quo than a little film I like to call Silent Service?

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    That vertical rise thing is real and so are nuclear torpedoes, and we have some nuclear mines. The Nuclear mines and torpedoes are a cold war thing I think they’re both like 10 or 12 kilotons, we have an undisclosed number of them throughout the fleet. And the proper question is what CAN’T you kill with a nuclear torpedo? Also they’re good if you don’t feel like aiming beyond “the bad guys are in that direction”.

  • Tim

    The only things you need PCI slots for nowadays are Video cards, capture cards, and SATA/ PCI expansion cards.

    As for ‘where the story goes weird,’ for me it’s the moment where the US handing a NUCLEAR SUBMARINE to Japan should be somehow secret- to the point of faking the death of the crew- instead of the most publicized event out there.
    After that, it just kept getting weirder.
    Taking out the entire US pacific fleet single handedly was where I just threw my hands up and declared, quote ‘Fuck it all, you exist in your own little fuckheaded reality, fuckheadia, and you are welcome to it.’
    Fuckheadia became a shorthand for a lot of bullshit back then.
    Glad to see this thing got some of the flak it’s due.
    Not all, but some.

  • Bronzdragon

    DAVE! you can bring up the task manager directly by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Esc

    Not only does this save you the trouble of going through the laggy ‘rescue screen’, but sometimes, like in your case, that won’t even work!

  • David

    Ok guys you are wrong I live in manitoba canada which is about level with Siberia. Our average temperature in winter can drop with the wind chill to about -60 C but it averages at about -25-35 C a day in january. Remember that is centigrade rather than Fahrenheit.

  • That’s helpful, but in my case I doubt it would’ve worked anyway. Interaction with anything was basically impossible. And now I have a new video card, so I’ll hopefully never have to deal with it again.

  • As soon as I get a job, I’m buying a T-shirt!

  • I hae to say it but I prefer food talk then tech talk.

  • Josh Bytes

    I prefer food talk also but I love talking about food. I mean who doesn’t love food?

  • wayintothe7thart


  • Maur

    What’s that song at the end that sounds awfully similar to Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers? Was that a remix?

  • Josh Bytes

    That song is from the television series MacGyver

  • MacGyver – Rescue Ranger!

  • Maur

    Well I guess he sort of was one eh. Thanks. I never got around to watching MacGyver though from what I’ve seen he was kind of like the Jack Bauer of his time, he could do anything.

  • Onomarchus

    By sheer coincidence, when I started on this podcast I was in exactly the same pickle detailed: about to reinstall Windows and tryjust video card drivers first because I had failed to get Windows 7 to work with a crazy ATI video card. Surprising, this worked as soon as I mustered the will to try it, but before that I was sorely in need of moral support. Thanks.

  • Gutter

    What do you kill with a nuclear torpedo?
    Well come on, guys: they’re Japanese.
    The answer is WHALES.

    (really big whales)