Show #400: How You Doin’, I’m Jack Bauer

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This show also known as: THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE.

Our 400th (399th) show heralds the end of 24. Goodbye 24, you ended pretty much how we all expected: shittily. Also BUY A SHIRT.

Music Selection: GATHERING OF ANGELS. ‘PPEARED ABOVE MY HEAD. I was singing this song the whole Lost finale then they made some dumb-ass ‘alternate endings’ and this appeared and now I don’t know what to think. I know one thing I DO think which is that this would be the soundtrack to Jack Bauer’s death scene.

This show is about:

THE Arsenal

No wait, THIS is the Arsenal

  • It’s the end of an era.

  • Eric

    Jack Bauer: King of the Sleeper Hold.

    “Shhh… shhhh… Don’t fight it…”

  • Eric

    ..By the way; Kiefer Sutherland has read the first proposed script of “24:The Movie”, and he & the writers are working together on the second draft. Only I guess it won’t be called “24”. Maybe “2”?

  • Maur

    Maybe it’ll be called “24: Day 9”. I just hope this doesn’t continue a string of 24 movies. The Presidents sudden 180 in personality ruined what could have been a pretty kick-ass “Jack Bauer goes out killing almost everybody” ending. Her dubious morality made the whole thing feel extra fake though.

    Also apparently that SHIRT link has an error?

  • wayintothe7thart

    The only way I would pay to see Jack Bauer on screen if he going toe to toe with the Hulk.

  • Ian

    That’s a nice drinking glass.

  • McFly

    Thank god this damn show is over. no more boring podcasts about gay ass jack bauer…hopefully.

  • I don’t feel so bad about Lost now, I watched it with my friends and they liked the ending. I enjoyed watching it, but it left a bad after taste. I was like nooooooo, what is this shit? It explained nothing, not even good technobabble crapping it away. In the end I felt you can put all the symbolism and crap you want in a show but that doesn’t make it good when you have no idea where the fuck you are going with it.

    The best part about the “authentic” turkey leg at the Renfaire is that turkeys are not native to Europe.

  • Sugar-Chan

    The second I heard the ‘Gathering of Angels appeared above my head’, I remembered the last scene where Jack is looking up at the drone. I just pictured him nodding slowly and giving a sharp salute.

    Come sail away, come sail away, come SAIL AWAY with me (Jack).

  • Westinghouse

    That LOST finale was almost as bad as Battlestar Galactica.

  • It’s complete bullshit there calling the island real life with a fucking smoke monster on it!
    Speaking of finales does anyone here watch Ashes To Ashes?

  • Onomarchus

    I almost commented a bit on the Ashes to Ashes finale here before even finishing the podcast, but I’m glad I didn’t since I don’t want to spoil it.

  • BoyButter

    @ Westinghouse

    To be fair, if you stop the show on dvd/bluray right as Adama looks off into the sunset you CAN have an ending experience worth a damn.

  • I cried at the end of Lost. Not because I watch the last episode, but only because I was so happy that I didn’t have to hear my freinds talk about it ever again.

    I was happy with the ending of 24.

    also, Dave, what kind of material is the shirt made of? are we talking 50/50 blend or 100% cotton? Heavy or light weight cotton and are they pre-shrunk/washed?

  • Maur

    Well that’s an interesting choice for a shirt. Unfortunately it’ll only make sense to the one other guy you know who listens to this podcast. Thought you would’ve gone with the “We call him Hanabe…” line. Though maybe you were afraid blowing up babies would be too offensive for a shirt?

  • My favorite sorts of nerdy shirts are the ones that are at least relatively subtle. That is: we weren’t going to make a shirt that had LOL LOL LOL ANIME PODCAST GUYS I’M A NERD slapped all over it. And while it’s still probably not ‘regular’ looking enough to wear in church, yeah, it was eventually decided that HE GON BROW UP probably pushed the bounds of racism a bit much.

    Also, nobody who doesn’t listen to this podcast is going to get the shirt regardless of what you put on it. So throw on “We name him Hanabi” AND “he gon brow up” AND “bomb not aerodynamic without baby” wouldn’t really accomplish anything more than reducing legibility. I’m a big fan of ‘less is more’, and the less text you can stick on a shirt, the better in my opinion. Not unrelated, this is why there’s no “fast karate for the gentleman” on it. It really wasn’t needed.

  • Heinrich von Kleist

    I personally don’t know how you could have made it any better and actually, had it been like any other ‘geek shirt’ ala ThinkGeek or whatnot, i’d probably have no interest.

    Kudos for taking the high road.

  • My solution to never be disappointed by the inevitably disappointing series finale of ANY show is to stop watching after season 3.

    I’m opening a trendy steamed/roasted bun joint, and I’m calling it Jack Baoer. The logo will be a roast pork bun stabbing Vladimir Putin in the side of the throat.

    And this has nothing to do with the above, but…there was Fist of the North Star game for the NES?

  • Maur

    Well, I didn’t say anything about slapping the podcast name on it or gratuitous text, subtle is fine I was just curious over the tag line choice. I would think the “HE GON BROW UP” would be funny regardless who sees it, but yeah, equally racist/offensive so I understand why you passed on it.

  • Astornuggets

    There have been a lot of FotNS games over the years and they were all terrible, except for maybe the PS2 Fighting game that could have stood to have more characters.

  • Felix Walken

    I’m not sure if this is in topic, but the late author for the Crayon Shin-Chan manga used to love 24, that he drew some of his work based on 24 itself. Therefore, to that author somewhere out there, may Jack Bauer guide your way.