• Tim

    Terminal Velocity depends on your surface area to weight ratio. The more surface area you have to your weight, the slower your terminal velocity. So if you get a bullet and a bowl that weight the same, the bullet will fall faster since it has less air resistance than the bowl. Terminal Velocity, like all of aerodynamics, is ridiculous to figure out, since it’s based on several different factors. But in general, if you increase weight without increasing surface area, terminal velocity will increase. If you increase area without weight, it will decrease.

  • Emmet

    Well one of the great things in red dead redemption is multiplayer matches start out with an old fashion stand off between the teams. Its awesome when you start a match its you and your team facing the other team and when it says draw you just unload on them.

  • In SMT: Strange Journey it isn’t Good – Neutral – Evil it is Law – Neutral – Chaos. So, Law isn’t necessarily good (God has been one of main bad guys in the series before) nor Chaos evil. Think of the Law concept as strength in absolute law (even if it means being a dick). Where as Chaos is about power for the singular person (even if it means being a dick).

    That being said it is hard to pick between the Law and Neutral choices sometimes. The trick in the game that you can use to change your aliment back to neutral is the “Goblin Trick” and requires you complete some side quests first. I won’t explain it in case you want a “pure run” of the game with your choices but you can just Google that term and find out how to do it.

    You should be able to get healing spells on demons of different alignments by fusing them. The skills they can inherit are not totally random (some demons will heavily favor certain types of skills or magic types). You can keep selecting the demons and un-selecting them until the skills you want will pass down (though some will never pass down). Also if you have a demon source with healing spells you can pass that on to a demon without those skills by using it in the fusion.

    If you put someone to sleep, ideally your next physical attack on it should be a critical attack. Not super useful but hey, it’s something. Really the one ability that is the “silence” ability that locks all special attacks is one of the generally useful ones. There are other places where some of the other abilities can be useful but you have to
    know how to abuse them. Also as the game goes by they mix it up a bit more with the weaknesses and there are less and less demons that will have any.

    You guys had me cracking up with the demons not being able to use items part. “Oh, dear god I got it in my eye! Who knew a dis-stone could hurt so much?” That is a very frustrating part of the game. There have been several times when I had to put the game down for the day because I died after like an hour of not saving and I wanted to punch the game in the face.

    Black Frost is awesome. I used mine in Nocturne though most of the game. Even in the last battle of Nocturne I had a level 99 Black Frost because he was that awesome. I do like in Nocturne how he actually has an origin story. Basically, a Jack Frost goes on a quest to become more powerful but it also turns him evil, simple but effective. Though, I did not like the part where you have to chase after fucking Dante to get him.

  • Onomarchus

    I’ve got a good Black Frost/Jack Frost anecdote from Devil Summoner 2 (the PS2 game), but it’s too good to spoil. (It’s the side quest one.)

  • Is the relationship between Jack Frost and Black frost the same as the relationship between Leprechaun and Leprechaun in the Hood? Because I have an idea for a movie. “Man, I ain’t afraid no wack ass snowman!”

  • If Red Dead Redemption is to have music on your horse, it might as well be “The best of Ennio Morricone” soundtrack, and that catchy intro to Rawhide if your doing jobs with cattle.

  • The Joel

    If they had had Ennio Morricone I’d have to get this game.

  • Eric

    “Shh.. shh… Don’t fight it…”