• Oooh, those images is mad illegelz!

  • Astornuggets

    is Grazz doing dishes in the background?

  • Westinghouse

    I hope this whole series ends by fading into a story Kim is telling a large jungle cat in hopes that it won’t eat her.

  • Are you guys doing anything special for episode 400?

  • Maur

    Damn, shit is gettin’ real on 24. I’m expecting Jack to go out with a literal bang, probably killing all 3 presidents in the process.

  • Hey, are you guys going to Animazement this year. I ask because last year i got a Fast Karate pin from you guys (or from someone) and all i remember was “PLEASE TAKE THIS PIN, TAKE IT TAKEIT” and im like “WTF are these guys”. I still got the pin hanging on a lamp for the past year and im JUST NOW starting to listen to you guys. Boy am I slow.

    Im literally looking at the pin right now connected with my badge from last year. Im asking, because I want another one.