Show #397: In Russia: Best Birthday Ever.

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This show also known as: The cunning of a dinosaur, the strength of a human.

24 is like a sloppy deuce wandering is way to its excrable conclusion. PUUUUUUNS. ALSO POOP.


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I’m glad you’re in this show because it is a clarion call that 24 is now completely unsalvageable. I have ignored the past forty clarion calls, but I THINK THIS ONE MIGHT WORK YOU GUYS.

  • Ian

    Madson’s awesome. I haven’t watched 24 at all except for the last few eps and I’ve called the endings on most of them. I enjoy that this show seems to give me what I want to see and that is no time to make Russian dirtbag vomit.

  • Michael Madsen is decidedly NOT awesome.

  • eric

    This is my first season of 24, and I’m loving it! Now I’ve got to go back & catch up on the past 7 seasons…

  • God, when it came to the “you swallowed it moment” I thought because of how they have done the torture so far this season I was just expecting a finger down the throat and an angry sick moment and then bam! oh shit son! knife to the gut, I was just wondering if he was then gonna dig down in his upper intestine and see what information he swallowed the day before.

  • konman

    I have fond memories of past seasons of 24. One time I marathoned one over the course of a spring break I was spending at my grandparents house…it was quite an experience. it may have been the first season but that whole week is a blur now.

  • Ian

    What’s not awesome about Mr. Blonde? At one point he was like the poor man’s Mickey Rourke then … that changed and now that’s what they both are.

  • Walt

    Thank for clarifying your relationship with Graciela (SP)
    your fiance, I though your Mom had a really young voice.
    For the longest time I thought you lived with your mother. Reasoning behind my thinking: She feeds you and seems to wait on you a lot while you play video games and excepts you with unconditional love.

  • Walt

    I meant, “thank you” Dave. Sorry for missing word.