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This show also known as: Once You Go Demon, You Can’t Love Human Semen

Don’t misunderstand Joel, the main character of Straight Jacket is named LEIOT. Also God of War 3 is as mystifying in its popularity as any other game in the series. Oh also I remembered later that GTA did have a Hispanic character, SO SORRY.


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  • A.L.

    I don’t know, unlicensed psychodivers are ok right?

  • eric
  • What were we wondering about? I MADE that definition, on air, no less.

  • This podcast made me think of this:
    @ 4:18

    Man, I love this movie.

  • Maur

    I remember seeing Strait Jacket on Sci-Fi and was just watching it in the background expecting it to just be average or worse. It slowly grabbed my attention and when stuff started getting blown up with handheld cannons I was like “well alright, this is my kinda show”.

    In case anyone else who has seen this is unsure what those cartridges coming out of the molds were about, they mention that those are what keep people from becoming demons. Every time they use a spell, it consumes a cartridge. When they run out of cartridges, the mold no longer serves any protection. So it actually makes internal sense that they weren’t coming out of the gun because the gun didn’t actually use shells. Magic!

    Also I think the Jugular Stomping Juggernaut Daryl Surat mentioned in his review of this awesome show that there isn’t actually a manga? So I think it’s just a good old fashioned original OVA.

  • Wikipedia says novels, which is what I said on the podcast.

  • Borehammer

    Man, Kratos looks like he’s dancing in the vampire bund in that screenshot. Is that what the sex mini-game in the 3rd one is, cause it should! Press X to NOT Lube.

  • eric

    @ Dave- I know you defined it. I was just letting you (or anyone else who might be mildly interested) know that it actually got accepted & listed.

  • Astrornuggets

    a link was posted in that shows comments…
    so… old news.

  • Emmet

    well if your looking for something to play and haven’t tried just cause 2 yet that’s a pretty fun game. i mean the voice acting is terrible and the story is short but the game play is pretty fun.

  • I’ve had some mixed reactions from friends when I sent them that urbandictionary link.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Dave for calling out the God of War series on the podcast, I really appreciated a podcaster that has the balls to call bullshit when he sees it (unlike Rebel FM, God). Keep up the amazing work!

  • Ian

    He aims a gun at people and then says: “exist” that’s all I need to say about Strait Jacket … though maybe I should say something about this God of War thing which I know nothing about. Are videogames good now? I mean Mario 3 was when it peaked for me. If they haven’t gotten better then that I’ll just remain ignorant of the whole apparently sordid affair.

  • Kool Thing

    There was someone cursing and getting very angry in the back round. What were they playing?