Show #393: You’re Not So Tough Without Your Legs!

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This show also known as: A Chalice Of Grease.

Before we get into the weird Freudian psychoses of Witchblade, let’s make sure to dismiss the argument of “BUT ARE GAMES ART??” that we hate and don’t care about by having a long-ass discussion about “BUT ARE GAMES ART??” Listen kids, one day you’ll be our age, and realize that constantly questing to get things accepted ‘art’ doesn’t accomplish anything, because defining things as art is mostly meaningless. I know you don’t believe me now, I WAS ONCE LIKE YOU, but you’ll understand someday. And I cut out the Yakuza 3 spoilers, so no crying.

Music Selection: Behind this music lies possibly THE MOST POWERFUL STINGER OF ALL TIME.

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It’s real, and it’s gross.