Show #393: You’re Not So Tough Without Your Legs!

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This show also known as: A Chalice Of Grease.

Before we get into the weird Freudian psychoses of Witchblade, let’s make sure to dismiss the argument of “BUT ARE GAMES ART??” that we hate and don’t care about by having a long-ass discussion about “BUT ARE GAMES ART??” Listen kids, one day you’ll be our age, and realize that constantly questing to get things accepted ‘art’ doesn’t accomplish anything, because defining things as art is mostly meaningless. I know you don’t believe me now, I WAS ONCE LIKE YOU, but you’ll understand someday. And I cut out the Yakuza 3 spoilers, so no crying.

Music Selection: Behind this music lies possibly THE MOST POWERFUL STINGER OF ALL TIME.

This show is about:

It’s real, and it’s gross.

  • RandomDan

    Ok, I get what you guys are saying. But seriously, are they art? You can tell your good pal Random!


    Kiefer Sutherland. WOULD YOU?

  • Oh man, I cannot wait to get my hands on Yakuz3. Also, last two minutes (DJ Shadow + Vampire Buttsex jokes) were solid gold. Great podcast guys!

  • Joseph

    I kinda doubt too many people would cry about Yakuza 3 spoilers. You should at least let the people know you get to throw a charging bull on it’s ass! It’s no punching a Tiger in the face, but it’s something.

  • wayintothe7thart

    @RandomDan: “Art is anything you can get away with.”
    -Andy Warhol

  • Nick

    Well there’s still Kiss x Sis, though I hear they aren’t blood related. Still. somehow both the twin sisters want to jump on the dude’s junk.

  • Cody

    Oh.. oh my.. I’m crying.

    You guys need to get paid for this.

  • Emmet

    those chicken sandwich from KFC were a waste of 7 bucks. They are so small its ridiculous. Good but not 7 dollars good.

  • And those chicken fillet burgers cost £2.95 over here. What the hell?

  • I was almost worried about Yakuza 3 spoilers, but I’m currently playing through Yakuza 2 wanting to skip every stupid cut scene so I can get back to punching.

  • A.L.

    Witchblade is like Matilda if Rhea Pearlman had a gigantic rack and Danny Devito was made out of metal.

  • Ozma

    What is that music, by the way?

  • Angryoptimist

    When it got the Urban Dictionary part, I totally looked it up to see if you guys really put that up. Man, I laughed so hard I cried a little. Well, done sirs!

    A+++ would listen again

  • Claire

    @ Ozma: Building Steam With a Grain of Salt by DJ Shadow. Endtroducing… is such a great album.

    I’d just like to send you guys a heartfelt thank you. I had two awful finals today and listening to this podcast gave me the lulz that I seriously needed.

  • Amanda

    Oh Vampire Bund. You seemed so promising a concept until the loli got naked :( Great show guys, I was missing you this last little while.

  • Just to let you guys know Robocop: Alpha Commando is a horrible cartoon made in the later 90s and was pretty much cancelled from what I’ve read.
    Also so what do people think about the news Hulu are going to start charging for thier services?

  • The Joel



    Granted it’s a rumour but seems to be a rumour gaining strength.

  • I can’t believe you talked about Witchblade AND mentioned Ghost in the Shell, yet there was no badonkadonk. How round must an ass be before you give it proper respect???

  • The Joel

    I had a whole but worked out where if the comparison was raised I would provide an extended apology for Ghost in the Shell. It just didn’t happen.

  • I apologize that with all the tits flying around I couldn’t think about my one, true love.

    DAT ASS.

  • Frenchman

    Good to see you have at least 112 listeners, plenty of thumbs ups in the urbandictionary definition

  • Maybe “the major’s badonkadonk” is also worthy of an entry in the urban dictionary. Definition: DAT ASS.

  • Ian

    I’ll listen for the Freudian, I’ll stay for the stinger (as always; request more Mister Mister).

  • @Keith Badonkadonk is only reserved for The Major. She is the J Lo of Fast Karate.

  • RickyRico

    Did you guys skip the intro? I think it would be hard to miss the ‘badonkadonk’ because in it she streaks two lines of blood on each butt-cheek like some sexual Rambo.

  • Dave and Joel, the Halo Reach Beta starts May 3rd. All you need is your ODST disc to play. Will you guys plan on playing?

  • The Joel

    I’m going to check it out for sure.