Show #391: Surely You Have No Use For A Baby

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This show also known as: Had to stab him with my unicorn horn. Only thing that kills dragons.

Welcome to the Diamond Age podcast because 24 has spiraled off the deep end, which for 24 is some amazing feat. RIP guy from Slumdog Millionaire. You did what you could.

Music Selection: This song was better when it was referenced in an actually good song on the second Handsome Boy Modeling School album.

This show is about:

Hexagon, bitches!

  • The Joel

    I love that the Temjin wallpaper doesn’t contain a single hexagon.

  • They’re there, you just can’t see them. Temjin was one of the last wallpapers he did, he ascended to a higher plane where his hexagons were no longer visible to the naked eye.

  • James

    Katee Sackhoff IS hot, but if you want to see her at her most attractive watch Halloween Resurrection.

  • Astrornuggets

    I love me some Temjin 747j

  • Tuskus

    Unicorn horn? Is Paul Chapman in this episode?

  • Jon

    All I see in the wallpaper is Robo-junk.

  • Cody

    I have 393 episodes of Fast Karate in iTunes. What podcasts do I have that you don’t?

  • wayintothe7thart

    “Katee Sackhoff IS hot, but if you want to see her at her most attractive watch Halloween Resurrection”

    They is nothing, NOTHING, nothing that justify getting people to watch Halloween Resurrection.

  • James

    Why? It’s a good movie.

  • @Cody

    The two extra podcasts you have are probably the Wicker Man podcast and the Parsec Awards sample thing.

  • Onomarchus

    Not every number necessarily corresponds to an actual podcast. I think at least one was skipped.

  • Maur

    Took me a while to realize this was a new ep. I’d see the Coyote Ragtime image and just close the tab. I’m disappointed neither Dave nor Joel noticed that when Starbuck tried to leave the warning that came up said “Apprenhend on Site”. Not only did they misspell “apprehend” but it should also probably be “sight” unless they only cared about her while she was still in the building.

  • Walt

    Diamond Age have not read it yet. But I did read Fahrenheit 451 which I am seeing as reality now. People watching interactive big screen TVs at home while taking drugs (anti depressants). Books are a thing of the past. Homes built of concrete instead of wood. More and more scfi is becoming real in today’s world.


    I’m at the NEX anime section and I think the people in my barracks are desperate enough for new content to give anime a try. I have it narrowd down to Baccano and Black Lagoon, what do you think I should get?


    Oh yea they only have season 2 of blak lagoon. the murderous twins may get me some looks.