Show #388: Blew Your Mind? (PSYCHO DIVER!)

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This show also known as: Busujima, OUT!


Music Selection: MURDER STYLE Y’ALL. I gave you the whole song! Don’t you love me?? LORDAMERCI.

This show is about:

Is there a fetish for face-paint lightning bolts yet? BECAUSE I THINK I JUST INVENTED ONE.

  • wayintothe7thart

    I would have called the singer a bad Lady GaGa if I didn’t seen “Psycho Diver” before.

  • Jordan Coleman

    About the leveling up before a boss in FFXIII. Anything you do before a fight is saved.

    And bout fighting bosses that have a lot of hp. well I’m not sure if your doing this ,but one tactic I’ve found useful is allowing my Commando(Light/party leader) do one turn of just physical attacks and then to switch everyone to just ravengers. That way you build up the stagger netter up really quickly as everyone is a ravenger and it dosent go down fast because of the physical damage done. Playing as a saboteur also works as it builds up the stagger meter as fast as a ravenger ,but it doesn’t go down s quickly.

    This is just one tactic and maybe everyone already does this. I just thought I’d share it.

    Awesome podcast as usual.

  • DannyRand

    Ya get that tree bark fetish and you have to make your girl a Wood Man cosplay.

  • For a while I thought that the gay joke was getting a little old, until Dave brought out the tree bark fetish, and then I just lost it! Soooo funny. Also, where the HELL DO YOU FIND SUCH OBSCURE ANIME?! And, Psycho Diver/Soul Siren sounds like Dio’s greatest hits to me… based on the podcast title alone, I expected a return to the Dio’s classic Holy Diver in the music selection bit.

  • You guys totally need to watch Harbor Light Story -From Fashion Lala-! This another 80’s anime that is so cracktastic.

    It’s about a disco queen contest, a little girl with a mean Aunt and cousins, incest that drives a brother to form a gang, dudes living on beach wrecked pirate ships, and so much more! …Okay not really so much more but this shit be one some fucking crack. Oh! There are some magical dinosaurs that are almost never used also!

  • Joseph

    I swear I heard that song at the end on the radio on the way home from work.

  • Dave. Joel. Thanks.

  • RandomDan

    Yeah, thanks.