Show #387: And Look At This Door, It’s Been Exploded!

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This show also known as: Aw, Babykins, Don’t Do It.

Starbuck you used to be so hot then you got long hair for some reason, and then you turned out to be a terrorist spy. And also you had terrible writing in every episode of this show.

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I’m delicious, please eat me.

  • Nick

    Don’t see it on the iTunes feed.

  • James

    What do you mean “used” to be hot?

  • Max Dunn

    CiCi’s Pizza is the pizza buffet madness. Unfortunately, they discontinued the custard pizza years ago, DELICIOUS.

  • wayintothe7thart

    Funny you mention the Giant Bomb Podcast. I’ve been subscribe to Comic Vine Podcast for while now and notice that there Website have the same subsidiary as does Anime Vice. So I know there existent, but wouldn’t sure if I should listened to them. I’m gonna give them a try because you like them Dave, so don’t disappoint me.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Yeah I’ve been to a Pizza buffet in WI. It was called Pizza Barn. The pizza was pretty much the quality of store bought frozen pizza but hey it was all the pizza you can eat! So who cares!

  • Susan Fairhurst

    EMP’s don’t require a nuclear explosion but I’d like to think someone would have spotted the big ass capacitors and copious amounts of explosives needed to create one.

  • MC Walker

    I’m sure you’d get plenty of e-mails like that if you encouraged it. You guys should do the Geeknights thing and have a questions episode; it’s good a way of having an entertaining listener-involved episode without the annoyance of reading e-mails aloud every week.

  • Onomarchus

    You’ll be pleased to know that when I first encountered the Giant Bomb during their Persona 4 Endurance Run I was reminded of you, heavily.

  • Anonymous

    You absolutely have NO idea how hard I cracked up at the “WANT SOME FISH?” comment. I literally broke down laughing (with tears) in front of a hundred or so walking college students. Keep up the good work!