Show #386: Stay Away From EL PICCADILO.

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This show also known as: Captain Spacesuit Bitch.


Music Selection: SO YOU WON’T BE LONEEELYYYY (for two minutes, because Bone Thugs want their play)

This show is about:

Team Rock Will Never Get Its Due!

  • Astrornuggets

    you spelled Picadillo wrong.

  • Peter Hasselström

    I thought the swat team simply fell over like penguins and couldn’t get up again because of all their gear weighing them down.

  • wayintothe7thart

    Hey, I knew what Bone Thugs was saying.

  • FK Junkie

    You guys completely forgot about the part where the stupid girl was yelling “I DON’T KNOW WHERE I AM!!!” when there are plenty of street signs in Manhattan.
    “Learn how to read, BITCH!!”~Chloe

  • Anonymous

    Hey, jsut thought I’d let you guys know that 24 is being canceled after this season. Perhaps mention it and treat each episode as the final shit? Thanks.

  • Maur

    Can you really say that a show that has gone on for 8 seasons is being “canceled”? It’s finally coming to a much needed end and (hopefully) being allowed to rest in peace.

  • Well, we all expected 24 to play out its natural course, with Jack Bauer becoming president of the earth.

  • He’s Jack Bauer, not Jack Ryan.