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This show also known as: Don’t Bet The IP, Gabe!

The saga of Randy Pitchford continues on this very special episode of Fast Karate for the Gentleman, handily usurping any talk about Final Fantasy XIII, Last Rebellion, 24, and Street Fighter’s first (second) openly gay character.

Music Selection: HAKAN WILL FIX IT.

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This gave me the lulz.

  • Jordan Coleman

    Love your guys podcast ,but as some Japanophile nerd I’m expecting a lot of (albeit funny) FFXIII hate. I’m going to listen but I just want to say the game does get a lot better and hey it makes more sense then Heavy Rain right?

  • David

    Calling it now: Babykins is the REAL bad guy of the season!

    Though I don’t know if you can really be a bad guy before you can grow a mustache.

  • OMG! You so have to do a podcast on Blue Flames. That was the most awesomely cracktastic crap (well maybe after Harbor Light Story). I watched Blue Flames with a friend not knowing what was and oh what a lesson did we learn. It kept coming to points that seemed like the fucking end and then it would keep going and we were like NOOOOOO! please end this pile of shit. But much like a bloody train wreck we could not stop watching.

    It seems to be based of a manga that recently returned from a long hiatus and is now running in Monthly Sunday. Which fucking floored me, because what the fuck! This so could explain so much about Japan…

  • Dexdeldio

    Funny as always but I’m surprised you didn’t even mention Yakuza 3 which came out as well. You need to see how much Kazuma loves the orphan kids and helps them solve their problems with bullying, thievery, and lost pets. Then beats up the entire Tamashiro family. No tiger punching yet but I’m only on the 4th chapter right now. Despite the ridicules amount of mini games the fighting is super fun and satisfying though.

  • sogeking


  • Joseph

    So how come this episode didn’t pop up in the itunes there Dave and Joel? I didn’t even know this one existed.

  • Uhhhh, it should have. I don’t use iTunes, or subscribe to my own podcast feed to check, but everything looks good on my side.

  • Cody

    You guys are fifteen episodes away from your 400th show. I think there should be a celebration. Make it happen.

  • McFLY

    Great episode niggs.

  • Joseph

    Interesting, the last one that popped up in the itunes was the wicker man thing with Paul.

  • RandomDan

    They all come up on the zune podcast list. Also, if you search for fast karate on zune, you will find two podcast listings.