• Sugar-Chan

    I’m so used to the comedic duo of Fast Karate, that I sometimes forget there are two truly intelligent people behind the mic.

    It was really awesome to hear Joel flex his brain muscles on such a poorly conceived and executed movie. I was sort of listening to this as background noise while I was working (which I do with all podcasts) when I heard some snippets of intellectual conversation that I wasn’t expecting from something as completely hilarious as The Wicker Man. I’m gonna give this one another listen.

  • Actually, comments should probably be directed here, for consistency’s sake.

  • Astrornuggets

    is it really necessary to post it here, instead of, I don’t know, just saying “Joel finally manned up and Paul stopped (for at least a little bit) being a whiny baby and I guess we did a podcast about Nick Cage and being assaulted by bees”?

  • I love you, too, Ast. ;-p

  • I really hope they make a sequel to this. We never do find out if it brings back their god damned honey.

  • Nick

    Nooooo the forum!

  • the joel

    Suto, that’s funny. Thanks for the chuckle.

  • wayintothe7thart

    I ask for and got The Wicker Man on both podcasts. Now I know my voice matter :D . If it help Suto, you can always watch the sequel to the original.

  • Dandroid

    In the land of the killer bees you have to:
    1. Watch your step
    2. Protect your neck
    The Wu-Tang Clan know this so why doesn’t the Cage.

  • wayintothe7thart

    Because Cage never enter the 36 Chambers

  • Lincoln Mathews

    6 years later the link no longer works…
    Oh no…oh no…….. oh no….
    Oh yeah!! [the Kool-Aid just bust through a nearby wall]

    • fastkarate

      Thanks for pointing this out! I guess it changed when Paul switched his domain. I’ve fixed it now.

      • Lincoln Mathews

        No problemo…
        I’m catching up. I’ll be caught up with the recent episodes… one day. Then I’ll have to catch back up with AWO and annCast.
        I’m stuck doing homework for a new bachelor’s degree at college. Four years of college sucks but 8 years…. my god… my god… was not looking out for me…