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This show also known as: Some Would Call Him… Busticated.

Bioshock 2 is kind of okay, maybe? Beware the ULTIMATE HEAVY RAIN SPOILERS that continue for 20 minutes after the music at the end. You have been warned.

Also, Joel ran extensive scientific tests to confirm he wasn’t recording off of his laptop’s internal microphone, and ended up recording off of his laptop’s internal microphone.

Music Selection: The other rain-related choice was Red Rain by Peter Gabriel. It was a difficult decision.

This show is about:

Hello there handsome.

  • The Joel

    Are you serious!? Crap!

  • Peter Hasselström

    I’m fully invested into pc gaming, so I’m ready with the full directx 11 setup for Metro 2033. Apparently the pc version will be significantly better according to the developers themselves so try to play that if you can.

    You mentioned that Bad Company 2 having bullets dropping when travelling and the Stalker games all did that. The latest Stalker game even had an effect where the bullets start glowing if you shoot at the sky so you can see the bullets glowing and dropping to the ground far away.

  • Tuskus

    In this episode of Fast Karate, Joel moves to his new home located in a tin can.

  • I saw Joel kicking a tin can down the street. I asked him, “What are you doing?” and he said, “Moving.” Then he climbed inside and recorded a podcast. Much love.

  • AL

    All I can say is, snow…would suck way more than rain. Don’t get kidnapped in february.

  • A tin can isn’t that uncommon. I used to record in a tin can, but eventually we were able to upgrade and now we record inside a dryer down in the laundry room.

  • Sugar-Chan


  • Aria

    What the hell is your email? I’ve been trying for the longest time to register for the forum, but failed duo to well hidden email address. Even Google doesn’t know!

  • Dave

    Uhhhh, did you see the part on every page of the podcast where it says “email all sorts of shit to“? It’s right at the top.

  • Aria

    O.o .. Holy shit.. I read the show notes every single episode, just skip the first couple of lines that are always the same. I feel stupid now=(

  • Frenchman

    Once there was a time where Dave told us to contact him at in the podcast. Those days have broken asunder

  • Joseph

    So, that’s a no on the Heavy Rain then. Well, glad I didn’t waste my money.

  • Chasedamon

    It’s awesome that Joel could call from the space station this week.

    And if the bullet’s are money in Metro. I would think of shooting as an investment in my future and my health.

  • Tommy d

    I was expecting purple rain

  • Dave

    That choice is also acceptable.

  • Zero-chan


  • Captain Barricade

    Hey,hold on a second… This sounds an awful lot like what Dave said about Heavy Rain 5 days before it was uploaded. Coincidence? I THINK NOT IGN.