Show #382: Some People Gotta Make A Sex Robot.

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This show also known as: YOU NO TOUCH.

Skull Man is so kind of maybe sort of awesome that we have to spoil the whole thing?

Music Selection: Every time I think of this song, I actually start singing the lyrics to Makin’ Love Out Of Nothin’ At All

This show is about:

A powerful man.

  • FK Junkie

    Sounds like an awesome show… that I’ll never see.

  • Maur

    You know it’d be nice if Dave would stop fkn around and returned to actually mentioning the songs played in the podcast. Some people might not recognize Meatloaf or know the song Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad. :p

  • Arrogance

    Maur: You can put it upon Dave, but then again, you could also use Shazam. It’s an app for smartphones that identifies songs by sound for you. I’ve never tried it on the Japanese music used, though. Let’s see if it can identify Konya wa Hurricane…

  • Or you could google the lyrics in quotes.

  • Ian

    The image on that DVD cover is great. Reminds me of Batman: Sword of Azrael issue 3. Use of white and blood is always good. Can’t go wrong with negative space.

  • For a second I read that as “white blood” and thought of the old Fist of the North Star TV show, where men making contact with each other resulted in geysers of white fluids. Because that is safer for the kids to see.

  • Maur

    Not everything has lyrics. One of these recent eps had a song that was mostly instrumental so I had no way of finding out wth it was

  • Aria

    4 Skull men. Watch after the credits for the last episode.