• Tim

    No glasses shenanigans, this week? Damn shame.
    Still, hilarious episode.

  • Inscrutable: see Xam’d: Lost Memories. Also, 24 was being shot near where I work in downtown LA… I didn’t see Jack Bauer, but I did see Kiefer Sutherland with glasses ;p

  • pathar

    i am right now downloading the dlc for valkyria chronicles.
    i never knew about that you could actually play as her using the freakin’ spear!

  • Benjamin Bradly

    I gotta say that spear looks EXACTLY like an umbrella and it just doesn’t look that threatening to me… but then again it does look like her power level is over… 9000!!!!

  • What!

  • Jon

    If I’m not wrong, and correct me if I am, Jack Bauer did the same neck-snapping move that he did to his torturer in America to a militant from Sanagalia(go). On a side note, every Russian restaurant needs Cranberry Juice.

  • The Joel

    The name of the country was Sangala and it is one of the staple moves of white-man kung fu. As for the spear, it does resemble an umbrella.

  • Camario

    I’ve read that the Skullman anime is only loosely based on the actual manga though, but can’t really confirm that myself.

  • Crangrape has rendered Cranberry obsolete. Soon enough evolution will merge the two lesser plants to create the ultimate beverage experiance.