• Dan Y.

    NMH2 wasn’t perfect, but I thought it was pretty fun for the most part, except for the Shinobu sections. Those sucked, but were thankfully brief. I beat it in 6 hours over 3 play periods, considering I didn’t watch a cutscene unless some crazy violence was happening and never did the training stuff after it got annoying to do. Its what I wanted from a beat-em-up, and the wiimote and nunchuck flailing for some reason got me more involved in the game. I don’t know if its worth 60$ (especially since it has no co-op), but I’d encourage people who enjoyed oldschool beat-em-ups and wanted something like that to at least give it a look. Maybe a rental or something.

    I’m not trying to say that its a work of genius or anything, just that NMH struck the same cord that Godhand did, at least for me. I’d be lying if I said it had a better combat engine than Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden Black, but honestly, while I do enjoy those games I’m not very talented at them and end up just mashing like crazy and hoping cool moves come out. I’m pretty sure I’ll never beat Black, unless I give up and play Ninja Dog mode.

    Please don’t take this as some rant of fanboy hatred, because you guys are awesome, and a lot of stuff that I’ve bought (like Black Lagoon, Valkyria Chronicles, and Cromartie High) is because of your glowing endorsements. And I’ve avoided a lot of crap because of your high standards and aversion to watching or playing things that suck. I just wanted to throw my opinion out there.

  • The last real Wing Commander game, Wing Commander: Prophecy, was actually only 3 CDs. Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom was the one that took up several discs and cost $12 million to make, which at the time made it the most expensive game to develop ever.

    It’s a very minor point, but you would know why you needed to pay for contracts in the first No More Heroes had you actually played it, since it’s the very first question asked once told “hey, you need to pay money to get into the next ranking.” It brings up a larger question: who the heck plays the sequel to a story-based game without playing the first one? I can understand just playing GTA III, Fallout 3, or Saints Row 2 (which is fantastic despite part 1 being unplayable…though I’ll bet the PC port sucks) because the storyline link to the previous ones are minimal, but just playing No More Heroes 2 without playing part 1 is like watching part 2 of a movie trilogy without watching the first part. Would you just play Metal Gear Solid 4 without playing the other three? Personally, I would not but I know people who have. Shockingly, they did not like that game very much as a result.

    Let’s just agree on one thing, that regardless of one’s thoughts on No More Heroes 2, which is awesome not because of any pro wrestling content but rather because it’s the most genuine media depiction of the Otaku Expiration Date ever crafted, the following picture is ill-advised:


    PS: Dudley is the best Street Fighter III character, GUTTER TRASH

  • Dave

    In many cases where the sequel is a vast improvement people will say to skip the first game outright. It’s not like I had no idea what the plot of NMH was. How could I not? It was plastered over every corner of the internet, and I got snippets of it from my roommate playing it. The problem of a plot based game with terrible gameplay is that it’s often just preferable to watch the relevant bits on Youtube. ibid NMH2, where I gave the last boss half a dozen tries before I decided I just didn’t care enough. If the second game was just barely good enough to hold my attention, I likely would’ve went insane playing the first. Youtube suits me just fine.

  • Dave

    Also I forgot about GUTTER TRASH, so that’s a point in your favor Surat.

    But you only get one.

  • Tim

    I thought the gameplay was arguably one of the best parts of NMH2, though I agree, the parking lot and swingset crap did rather slog down.

    As for the last boss, was it the window insta kill? I’ve heard so many people complain about getting killed endlessly there, yet have only had it happen to me twice, and once was intentional.

  • Jon

    Oddly enough, I played MGS4 without playing any of the previous games, and I loved it. The mission briefing/flashback scenes create enough context that it’s eminently playable as a stand-alone product.

  • Wingzrow


    ( Chainsaw )


    Seriously. Who thought guns on a guy with a sword as his only weapon was fair is twisted.

    By the way. Did either dave or joel know that you can stop a game over by shaking the wii remote like crazy right as you’re stumbling and about to fall over when you lose all your health? I found this on accident and it lets you stop yourself from game-overing 5 times. Makes the game a whole lot easier.

    I beat the game on bitter and without that trick i wouldn’t have been able to.

  • Fucking Tom Bombadil

  • Dave

    Guy’s a dick.

  • Joseph

    Boo urns on your comments about no more heroes 2 Dave, boo urns sir.

  • Way to refute Dave’s comprehensive criticism with a generic Simpsons reference.

  • Maur

    Were you expecting some kind of elaborate essay in response?

  • The Joel

    This comments section needs way more Bombadil.

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    So, is Tom Bombadil God?

  • McFly

    I’m just glad this ain’t a “24” podcast. Good one boys.

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    You’re annoying.

  • Nick

    You know, you don’t have to listen to the 24 podcasts!

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    You’re annoying.

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    Nah, I’m pretty great.