Show #378: Now You’ve Got Space AIDS.

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This show also known as: I Just Came Across It… In My Imagination.

Jack Baeur’s Glasses need their own subplot. This is probably not the first time Space AIDS has been a title for this show.

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  • otherdane

    I’ve just recently started with this show. Man, it is a hard sell. Some of the stuff you guys bring up seem awesome bad in Chuck Norris kind-of way, but I’m not getting it from Season 1. Doesn’t seem to have the same immediate draw of something like Lost or BSG. Instead, a slow-burn with dubious writing.

    Maybe the episodes need to watched in their time.

    Also: There are so many goofy milk alternatives here on the west coast that you feel *lucky* if you end up with 1% or skim.

  • wayintothe7thart

    The best thing about living in the north is where you working outside in winter, you don’t sweet to death.

  • MC Walker (Evan)

    I live in the south, live (and work) on a goat farm, and drink goat milk. This place isn’t much better than you guys make it out to be.

  • I Googled “pint of ice cream” so I could get an idea of the size, and I found this:

  • KM

    I have to agree with you about milk. I can’t stand drink anything lower than 2% milk. And someone please tell me how you can milk a soybean.
    But I think what is worst is ‘fat-free” half-and-half or ‘fat-free’ cooking oil. How can half-and-half or cooking oil be fat-free? Half-and-half usually is about 10%-12% fat (by definition)and cooking oil is all fat.

  • Astra

    The notion of having milk in some form other ice cream, cheese, or otherwise processed state makes my stomach turn.

  • If you are drinking soy milk pretty every brand other is better then the “Silk” brand. The Wegmen’s or Walmart store brands are the brands that I think are the best.

  • McFly

    GOD FUCKING DAMN IT! Another 24 podcast! Get to the weird anime and videogame shit!

  • Nick

    You guys better do it. He’ll quit listening, he swears it!

  • Cpt_Barricade

    He’s super serial this time,guy’s, you better do it!!

  • Onomarchus

    A few weeks ago my favorite restaurant replaced their real butter with some vegetable oil impostor called Country Crock. Aptly named, it was terrible. Fortunately we returned to the real stuff, and now all is well.

  • Country Crock…….OF SHIT

  • David

    As a citizen of the great continent of Europe, I feel obligated to exercise my douchiness and say that the population is actually 731 million. ;-) The European Union has a population of 500 million and a marginally bigger economy than the US. (But don’t worry, it probably won’t be for long.)

  • Dave

    I hope nobody believed I was serious when I said 30 million.

  • David

    Not really, but maybe you didn’t think we topped you. Not that population matters, though… After all, you’ve got Jack Bauer, we’ve got jack shit!

  • VKlaus

    Well, you got that Wallander guy, he seems…. manic depressive. (also technically Swedish)

  • Dave

    I would counter with the fact that you’re comparing a continent to a country, but Mexico can only prop us up so much, population-wise, when Canada are a bunch of no-good fucking slackers. Seriously Canada, 30 million people in your whole country? Seriously?

  • David

    The EU is basically going for country anyway, taking more and more power and self-regulation from individual states, pushing treaties and a common currency and even electing “presidents”… United States of Europe and all that. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how it plays out.

    In the meanwhile, how about the Americas vs. Eurasia? Shit’s goin’ down, son!

  • Nick

    Well I don’t know about all that but I do know that common currency is the shit.

  • Dave, Ive got space aids. And the only cure is ……. MORE PODCAST.

  • tyree

    It was almost 70 degrees outside to day in Florida. What the hell is this snow. It was 30 degrees once. Our palm trees froze and we had to wrap them in blankets. Its that what “snow” is like.