Show #377: Za Robots Are Coo?

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This show also known as: THIS THING SHOOTS ROCKETS?!

Vexille is like what Appleseed would be if Appleseed was more boring than Appleseed already is.

Music Selection: If I could figure out what track on the Vexille soundtrack was GOVAMENT SNIPA! it would’ve been that.

This show is about:

This is why humanity is great: we didn’t even know bananas HAD seeds.

  • McFLy

    Now this is more like it. Well done chaps, good podcasting.

  • Ian

    Just watched this one. It was pretty not that great, though I will admit the tunnel race against the metal Dunesque sandworms was kind of cool.

  • FK Junkie

    No, that’s not a blaster in my pocket. It’s just a nasty seed infested banana.

  • Bradley Meek

    Yo, you mean this song?

    Bought the soundtrack about a year ago. It’s basically an expensive electronica mixtape.

  • Dave

    It probably would’ve been easier to track down if I’d paid enough attention during either of the times I watched the movie to hear him say “Target Practice” 40,000 times. As it is, I scrolled through the OST on Amazon and didn’t see any tracks named “GOVAMENT SNIPA!” and gave up.

  • Moo

    Now, if someone could find the lyrics for the song too(google turned out some “Keep bangin’ on the walls Of Fortress Europe”).

    Watched vexille after listening to the episode and didn’t find it all that bad, making me wonder once again if I should trust your opinions. Especially since I started watching 1st season of 24 because of you.

  • Dave

    If you watched Vexille and didn’t find it that bad, why would I trust YOUR opinion of our opinions?