Show #375: Who Are You, Old Man?

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This show also known as: This is My Salad Shooter.

Mass Effect 2 is in contention for the best game created by a group of human beings.

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It’d be great if I could actually buy this on a regular basis.

  • Wingzrow

    Oh come on, it can’t be THAT good. Also, did you guys see the famitsu review of mas effect one? The japanese did NOT like it. It was something klike a 13/40

  • God

    Wingzrow. You have not played the game, and therefore you could not possibly begin to comprehend the perfectness that is Mass Effect. You are like an ant trying to understand the vast size of the ocean. I do not mock you, only pity your ignorance.


  • Dave

    The last man who said “it couldn’t be that good” got SHOT. BY JESUS.

  • MC Walker (Evan)

    It probably didn’t have enough random encounters and sixteen year old boys for the Japanese to enjoy it.

  • Camario

    Well, it’s nice to hear the game is pretty good. Not that I can play the actual thing until my new laptop arrives next month but hey…it’s nice to have a preview of sorts.

  • Frenchman

    I haven’t listened to the podcast, but there’s a fuckin poutine on the front page. This is already a good podcast.

  • Ian

    Oh no it’s poutine. Will 2010 be the year that this becomes legitimized as a food item in the U.S.?

  • Maur

    @MC Walker: 16? That’s being pretty generous with the Japanese.

  • wayintothe7thart

    “The last man who said “it couldn’t be that good” got SHOT. BY JESUS.” – Dave

    I thought he got shot by Chow Yun-Fat

  • Dave

    I never understand the things you say.

  • Having loot, planets I could roll around on, customizable party members, non-GoW ammo system, and better music overall is why ME2 will never best ME in my view.

  • wayintothe7thart

    @Dave: I get that a lot.

  • Nick

    Music aside, how could you want the shittiest parts of Mass Effect?

  • Not saying i’d want the same implementation of those aspects, but I don’t think they should have scrapped it completely. It also was extremely lame in my view to have not have a toggle helmet option, no ability to crouch and that pursuing any homosexual relationship results in a nil-sum game.

  • God


    Helmet and crouching? That’s one of your points in judging a better game? Come on man.

    You are crazy.
    Stop being crazy.

  • Yes thats the obvious way to kill a straw-man…I only said that as an addendum to other concerns I had. I’m not trying to win anyone’s viewpoint over, I just felt that there is plenty of little things like what I mentioned which were scrapped/not implemented well that added up in my feeling not as satisfied as I was with ME1. In the end, I just hope that 3 creates its own path by meshing 1 & 2 better and implements some overall final changes as I really don’t think 2 did everything right.

  • MC Walker (Evan)

    The only nagging problems I had with ME2 are a few bugs and how manufactured some of the environments felt. I think this was brought up on Penny Arcade’s blog, so I’m going to sound unoriginal, but I often got the feeling that everything had been laid out a little too narrowly. That’s the price of quality on such a grand scale, I suppose. Make things open and you get ArmA 2.

  • Lucky


    You just said “straw-man” and “addendum” on the internet. I just want you to think about that for a minute.

  • I expel flatulence in thy direction.

  • xan

    this episode makes me want Mass Effect 2 even more. Despite the fact that I must wait until I dominate BioShock 2, Mass Erect 2: Erecter will be what gets me through the summer. But can a game where you headbutt people truly be dipped in chocolate? we shall see.
    On another note. Dave and Joel, Review big trouble in little china already. Gooberzilla is taking too long and it is the necessary sequal to your total recall episode.

    Continue Kicking ass and taking names


  • Ian

    Well, I watched a whole episode of 24 the one that just aired (easy since it’s after House) and I think I picked a bad one. I tried to get my brother to watch it with me but there were no axes or even much of anything damn did I pick the only boring episode or is this show like 50% axes and enhanced interogation and 50% talking and driving?

  • FK Junkie

    Dammit Dave and Joel, I need my fix. Where’s the new episode??? What else am I suppose to listen to during the cut-scenes for Bayonetta?

  • wayintothe7thart

    Hollywood and the other want Big Trouble in Little China, so you guys sure do that yourself. But do the Bubblegum Crash, Cyber City Oedo Episode 3 podcast first… And The Wicker Man.

  • MC Walker (Evan)

    I dunno; I’m still waiting for Mad Bull episode 2 myself. ;)

  • Maur

    They’re probably pulling another 24 Bauerrage

  • Alex

    God damn it I bet they both died due to those fucking doughnuts.

  • Frenchman

    I’m pretty sure Joel’s got diseases

  • Maur

    @Frenchman: Do you mean like the diabetes or like gonorrhea?

  • MC Walker (Evan)

    It’s probably both, knowing Joel.

  • tyree

    Oh em jee!!! teyh were exposed to the Entenmann’s doughnut water!!!

  • Maur

    I had a dream that they finally updated with a 24 podcast, but alas, ’tis not so. :(