Show #373: Shut Up Baby I Just Got Shot

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This show also known as: Stances Are For Pussies.

Fist of the Northstar: Story About Raoh My Girlfriend Is DEAAAAAAAAAAAAD teaches us that babies are dicks, and giant swords have little value.

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This show is about: WE ARE RIVING.

Not crippling: empowering.

  • I ran into the same delay when wanting to catch up on missed episodes of House on Hulu (those stream two weeks after original air!). I think it’s some arrangement that Fox has with syndicated networks that play the previous week’s episode (like USA). Delaying it on Hulu gives those networks a chance to get those viewers on those episodes first.

  • The Joel

    24 is 100% on Hulu. I’m watching it right now.

  • Maur

    OH SHIT. I want to reiterate someone else’s earlier suggestion that you guys need to continue your 24 podcasts. That last season of 24 was the most hilarious thing you guys have done by far, I was literally crying tears (from the laughter, not from being a pussy).

    I’ve been waiting for this new season of 24 to arrive specifically just so I can hear you guys comment on it (and hopefully more of Joel’s “Tony Almeida” impressions).

  • Kidder

    Hey…. what the hell….

  • Tim

    Giant swords are useless, but like the megatank, they are awesome as a general rule.
    No less stupid, but awesome.

  • Tim

    Oh, and thirded on the 24cast suggestion. Always hilarious. Even for seasons of 24 I’ve never seen.
    I now no longer want to see those seasons for fear they will not be as great as you make them.

  • I tried watching 24 after listening to some podcasts, but I prefer just experiencing the Fast Karate digest versions.

  • Mike Man

    Yes Joel they’re still are Shoney’s and they are terrible. Can’t wait to hear this season of 24 coming from you guys.

  • AL

    The show name that you are looking for is Bonanza, the Ponderosa was their ranch, and used to be an awesome steakhouse with a buffet…

  • Sugar-Chan

    I am so excited for the new 24 podcast. I’ve been seeing a lot of people on Facebook talking about the show like its actually good. The only thing really good about 24 are the podcasts that are produced because of it.

    I still listen to ‘Damn You Korean Grocer, You Are Working For Evil’ when I’m feelin’ blue. Picks me right back up.

  • Toomanyclowns

    No pressure guys, but I as I said in my Itunes review, the 24 podcasts are the only reason Fox gets any money from me.

  • Ponderosa was awesome if you were into having uncontrollable diarea while vomiting, after eating a SALAD.

  • Wingzrow

    One podcast late but I know why the robot master designs suck so much in Mega Man 10.

    They were designed by children! Capcom must still have a closet full of nintendo powers somewhere.


  • wayintothe7thart

    Will someone please put out these Fist of the North Star movies out in the US!

    Hey Dave and Joel, will it be too much to put this in the next podcast?

  • wayintothe7thart

    Just asking.

  • What in the world was that awful song at the end of this episode? It made me wish that Kenshiro was there to free me from the music (by exploding my head of course).

  • Don’t be retarded. That song, a cover of a Fist of the Northstar song, is hilarious.

  • Maur

    Yes, truly hilarious… or horrendously horrible. That song made me want to throw up and kill myself with my own vomit. I was a little confused as to why you would intentionally torture your own listeners with something worse than anything from American Idol, but the fact that you actually like it may be the most disturbing part of all.

  • Nick

    It could’ve been worse. You could’ve thrown up and killed yourself with your own vomit.

  • wayintothe7thart

    Hey, I also like the song.

    Maybe because I hear worst?

  • tranceotaku

    I too cannot wait for the return of zombie Marwan versus undead President Palmer. Jumping the shark? Nuking the fridge? Who cares! 24 scoffs at that label! Oh and the song at the end of this ep is very good. Haters don’t even know that they are already dead.

  • MC Walker

    I expect discussion of how fucking hard Renee is. I’m not gonna lie; when she pulled out that circular saw, I got a boner.


  • Maur

    That was pretty sweet. I definitely did not see that coming, though I’m not sure where this development came from. I don’t remember her going crazy at the end of the last season.

  • Gutter

    David Riley.
    Your handwriting…is terrible.

    So, I got my package.
    I was all “sweeeet, Cromartie High School.”

    And then I realised that you also sent me, not only Puni Puni Poemy, but also Colorful.
    I gave those away to unsuspecting idiots at my college.

    Also, snap sonnn, $21.08 postage? I applaud you, good sir, and thank you.

  • Dave

    Your FACE looks terrible. I wrote that shit on a box that I was holding up on my knee while standing on one foot in the Post Office line because it was out the door.


  • Kidder

    Ah Asian cop did the right thing. He bring great honour to his family!