Show #372: I Wanna Eat Them.

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This show also known as: This Is: Josh Wars.

One Versus One Hundred is a poor substitute for MASS EFFECT 2 UGUGUGGUGUUH. Also my mic is all like POP POP POP because the pre-amp stopped working for some reason, so I’m using a Rock Band mic with no filter.

Music Selection: Calca… de… ginastica…

This show is about:

Pump Man: The lesser loved of Wily’s minion’s. BUT HE HAD HEART.

  • Am I the only one who wants to see a Megaman anime set in the original universe?


    How could you not like the classics netflix offers streaming like Nymphoid Barbarians in Dinosaur Hell?

    But more seriously I love how they don’t bother to pause what you’re watching to change the video quality. And since when is The Craft or Rise of the Lycans count as Horror?

  • I’m surprised that there aren’t more Megaman Anime. That EXE shit exists, but I also want to see Megaman fighting Guts Man and all those dudes.


  • Tim

    @Lee, Yotaru: Check out Megaman Upon a Star to see what sort of thing we’re likely to get if they ever do a full series. The American TV show is a more serious show.

  • Furyk

    I loved learning about the holidays with the help of Mega Man!

  • DannyRand

    I loved learning about shoothing robots with the help of Mega Man!

  • DannyRand

    shooting even.

  • @Tim – Upon A Star is the OVA right? I only version I could find was in Spanish but I might try again. Seen a few episodes of the USA one thanks to Cartoon World, still trying to figure out why it never had a UK release.

    @YotaruVegeta – What do you think of Starforce? AKA Kamen Rider Megaman?

    Geo: WAH! My daddy’s dead, WAH! I’m an emo now, WAH! I hate school, WAH! I have no friends, WAH! My love interest is a pop star, WAH! I’m a Kamen Rider now.

  • Everytime I listen to you guys talk about connection speed I feel intimidated to talk about it, but in germany it’s pretty normal to get 6-16 Mbps. Some bigger cities have 25 and up.

  • The Joel

    We would probably be in the same situation if the government had a stronger hand in our telecomm infrastructure. The U.S. actually isn’t that high on list of wired countries. I think Korea, Japan and a couple ther European countries offer much higher speeds to a greater percentage of their population. I blame sprawl.

  • Maur

    Which one of those jerks is supposed to be pump man? The only one I can rule out is the guy with the diamond. Unless he pumps diamonds out. Anything is possible with Megaman.

  • Maur

    I know what you’re thinking. He’s probably the guy on the left with the pump on his helmet. BUT couldn’t he also be a greek spartan with a long frill and a cannon in his chest? This may just be wishful thinking.

  • AL

    I liked Darksiders a lot, it was fun. However, I also rented it at the same time as Bayonetta, and I couldn’t pull myself away from it long enough to play more than two levels of Darksiders. So um … Darksiders GOTY, not so much, Bayonetta…yes please, especially if it means extra content in the future…boob guns?

  • The Joel

    @Maur: Come on. Come ooooooooooonnnnnnnn. Pump man was immediately apparent to me. When I looked at that picture I immediately said, outloud to no one, that guy better not be named Pump Man.

  • Tim

    @Lee, yeah, that’s the one. ADV did the English release of it.
    And technically he becomes Kamen rider THEN gets a pop star girlfriend.

    And the guy ‘with the diamond’ is chilled man. He’s actually just frozen in a block of ice.

  • tyree

    This is absurd… soon enough we’re gonna have Manman. I don’t even want to fathom the ridiculousness…

  • Dave
  • Lemon Fresh Pine-Sol

    Check this out, it’s got Mike Reynolds sayin’ stuff.

  • @Tyree – Before we get Manman we’ll no doubt get Womanman first. Also Pumpman could have been worse, you just know someone at Capcom wanted his pump to be in the groin area.
    Megaman walks into the boss room and he’s all like; ‘Let’s fight’ and then screams in terror at what Pumpman is doing!

    @Tim – Question is should Dave and Joel review that anime?

  • tyree

    Contest Idea!!! come up with the most absurd magaman villain.
    I submit Blankman!!!

    Why he looks like a Wayans Brother (as innumerable as they are) i have no idea.

  • MC Walker

    Manman would just be 8-bit Jack Baur.

  • I see what you did there, playing some “Calça de Ginástica” from the “Michiko & Hatchin” OST… re: Megaman: I’m digging StrikeMan’s design. From your description it seems that he just throws balls, but I wish he’d just throw himself since he’s practically a ball. And yeah, NitroMan… makes me think of Mechazawa from Cromartie High School…

  • Tim

    @Lee, if it wasn’t so short, I’d say they could get a good podcast out of it. It’s crazy in all sorts of ways. Maybe alongside the old American Cartoon, to give them extra crazy.

  • Tommy d

    How do y’all feel about SNL using wolf-bear?

  • @Tim – But Starforce had two full seasons before it got cancelled in Japan. How can yo usay it’s too short? Hell it had a TV Movie premiere in the US:

  • Tim

    Oh, Starforce! I thought you meant ‘On a star’ Hell yes Star Force would make a great podcast!

  • Kidder

    I’m sure you gentlemen realise that 24 has started again… please please please do 24-themed episodes again!

  • A suggestion: peanut butter on both pieces of bread, then apply a light coating of jelly on top of one of the sides of peanut butter, thus creating a doubly thick peanut butter sandwich within the peanut butter sandwich. Also, it prevents the jelly from soaking through the bread if you need to transport the sandwich to a more secure location for consumption.

  • i think that the fight scene of Rise Of The Lycans is not very great, it is just plain action ,