Show #371: Cookie Salad

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Here’s the rundown because I accidentally deleted this post and needed to rebuild it. There are some HUGE Assassin’s Creed II spoilers from like 25 minutes in to 35 minutes in. Also Bayonetta is so great I bought it twice. I forget what else happened.

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This show is about: WE ARE RIVING., delightful.

  • Who the hell recommended Puni Puni Poemi?

  • There are lots of things called salad that are not actually salad, just like there are things that are called pizza which are clearly not pizza. I’m looking at you, veggie pizza.

    Puni Puni Poemi is secretly the favorite anime of pedophiles everywhere. Even moreso than AzuManga Daioh and Galaxy Frualine Yuna.

  • koalathunder

    This video will explain why all games will run smoother and look better on the xbox 360.
    it has to do with the different cpus, since the xbox 360 came out first most game developers develop for the 360 and just port to the ps3, however you will see there are big problems with that.

  • May present to you….

  • Dave

    The speed with which that was produced suggests either:

    1) You are Pro-da at photoshop

    2) You had that on hand, ready to go.

    I accept the latter explanation.

  • Tim

    Personally, I think Go Nagai is typically never wholly earnest. Kekko Kamen was a joke that that backfired on him, after all.

  • Joel sounds so ronery saying “The End” and clapping all by himself.

  • Tuskus

    Did you guys do a show on Legend of the Dark King yet?

  • Steve

    Hurry up Joel and play Bayonetta!!!
    I want to hear an episode dedicated to this AWESOME game.

  • tyree

    How do you guys choose the names for the shows.
    I heard the lines “Is Shaft RACIST”
    And “You Fist-fight The POPE”
    I almost cried listening to that.

  • Dave

    We’ve basically already done like three episodes about how awesome Bayonetta is.

  • Davola

    Ugh, I’m so conflicted on Bayonetta. I really want to play it, but all the PS3 issues sound terrible.

  • AL

    I heart Bayonetta, but is anyone else getting kicked off of PSN because of an error while playing it? Happened to me three times already, although I don’t really need any online functionality in that game anyway…

  • Wingzrow

    Dave, Joel

    Be Honest With Me

    Should I buy an Xbox 360 Just For Bayonetta?

  • The Joel

    No. The game is available on the PS3 it’s just slower. If you haven’t bought a 360 or any current gen system yet I wouldn’t make the leap just for Bayonetta, although there are plenty of other titles that make it well worth the investment.