Show #370: JEFF WAS A DEMON.

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This show also known as: This sucks, there’s demons everywhere.

The Ninja Gaiden OVA might be the videogame OVA with the LEAST to do with its source material.

Music Selection: It’s in my brain.

This show is about:

Read my lips: no Japanese-born ninja assassins for president.

  • Onomarchus

    Haven’t listened yet, but I’ve been waiting for someone (i.e. AWO or FKG) to review the Ninja Gaiden anime for years. This I will enjoy.

  • Maybe I should watched this before I posted the megaupload link.

  • wayintothe7thart


    This is also director by same guy who did Elfen lied. Think about it.

  • Tim

    I think we ought to be grateful this is the closest we get to DoA the anime. Very thankful.

    Now I need to watch this anime again…

  • Maur

    Was this supposed to be 30 mins? seems like it gets cut off short.

    Also DoA > Virtua Fighter > Tekken

    Gestate that.

  • Dave

    Gestate the fact that you’re retarded if you think DoA is better than anything.

    Even Tekken.

    It’s worse than Tekken.


  • The Joel


    Also, I cannot stop thinking about that guys sign. It would be a hysterical joke if it wasn’t meant earnestly. Regardless, it is a priceless non sequitur.

  • Maur

    You sir are full of crapcakes. Nothing is worse than Tekken. I call shenanigans.

  • Maur

    Actually, no, Shaq-Fu was worse than Tekken.

    In all seriousness I don’t know how any fighting game enthusiast can hate on DoA. Maybe the first game wasn’t that good, but 2 and particularly 3, were exemplary. The game is intuitive and the moves are fluid. You don’t even know the “special moves” and you can do alright feeling your way through it as the kicks and punches lead naturally into each other. And its system of hits-counters-grabs was perfect. Nothing was abusive or overpowered and everything had a weakness.

    The busty babes were a bit gratuitous but whatever, the game mechanics were still sound, so…..

    Plus you could play with Hayabusa. What’s Tekken have? Some queer in a tiger mask? COME ON!

  • Suto

    Yeah, Tekken sucks. I hate the way the characters spin around on invisible rods that go through their spines. DOA is like Virtua Fighter Light. Also, the guy in the mesh shirt solemnly says “Good vibration” after winning.

  • wayintothe7thart

    They no way Tekken is the worst fighting games when you got all the Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat rip-off out there. And as downhill Tekken and DoA get after 3, both are not ever close to the level that Mortal Kombat dig they self in.

  • Speaking of Tekken what does everyone think of those posters for the live action movie? I thought that project got dropped years ago.

  • wayintothe7thart

    “Speaking of Tekken what does everyone think of those posters for the live action movie?” -Lee Sands

    Look better than the upcoming The King of Fighter movie

  • Astra

    I actually kind of enjoyed Tekken 5.

  • Krelyan

    Hey, if we’re just throwing out the arbitrary fighting game formulas I’d have to go with: VF4 < Tekken 3 <= DoA 2

  • tyree

    @Muar:Soul Caliber> Virtua Fighter=Tekken> Guilty Gear>>>> DOA. You might as well have said Rumble Roses.

  • Maur

    To each their own. There’s a lot of crappy games worse than Tekken, I can’t recall them all (like Way mentioned Mortal Kombat did have a slew of shitty iterations). Some people orgasm over Soul Caliber or BlazBlue or Samurai Showdown, whatever, that’s fine, we all have our preferences. But saying DoA sucks is an adulterous bold faced lie, and that makes baby Jesus cry.

  • I guess I would say that DOA is like the Ikkitousen or Tenjo Tenge of 3D fighting games. While the fights MIGHT be cool, the fanservice element is so excessive its irritating.


    Does anyone proof read protest signs before the marching commences?

  • @Spike – That’s like asking if members of the KKK have any form on intelligance.

  • Maur

    Actually I bet the whole crowd acts as proofreader, but they don’t check for spelling or grammar, only how much Obama bashing and flag waving is present.

  • Frenchman

    Comparing that sign with all the other signs in the background, with bold, big words, this guy is definitely getting the shaft with that shitty sharpie writing.


    The production value was my main thing, you can’t fix what made the guy write what he did. But seriously 15 min between a kinkos and a Home Depot and he wouldn’t look as shabby

  • wayintothe7thart

    “I guess I would say that DOA is like the Ikkitousen or Tenjo Tenge of 3D fighting games. While the fights MIGHT be cool, the fanservice element is so excessive its irritating.”

    DOA is one of the better fighting games out there, so calling it Ikkitousen or Tenjo Tenge of 3D fighting games is a insults because both shows suck. Plus fanserveice is the only reason to watch them.

  • Dave

    Wrong. It’s easier to think of the fighting games that DoA is NOT worse than.

    Like Mortal Kombat.

    Or Plasma Sword.

    I think that’s it.

  • Funny you shoud mention Mortal Kombat, I found this article a while ago. Someone needs to do one now for Japanese games:

    I found it on this site I regularly check out where the guy then goes on to discuss games he’s amazed didn’t make the list:

  • Suto

    Toshinden, Bloody Roar, VS, Project Justice.

  • Dave

    Rival Schools is better than DOA.


  • Yo, fuck, Rival Schools was the bomb. I even was OK with the band who named themselves after the game!

  • Creaty

    Let’s all just get along and agree Virtua Fighter is the best and everything else is filler until the next one comes out. (Of 3D fighters at least)
    The 2D genre is Street Fighter/Smash Bros >>>>> everything else

  • wayintothe7thart

    Dave: You make it sound like I calling it the best fighter game since Street Fighter, I just saying it not bad and fun if you don’t care about combos or not in to fighters. See for me I use better as a mean of not great or bad but stand out for some reason.

    DOA is may be not better than Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting, Mortal Kombat, Samurai Shodown, Virtua Fighter, Battle Arena Toshinden, Darkstalkers, Tekken, the Soul series, Vs series, Guilty Gear and so on. But that the only fighter games we think about, we don’t think about the non-Capcom marvel fighters, how many people play Bio F.R.E.A.K.S., and Lee Sands just show you 13 Mortal Kombat knock-offs (not to point you in it Lee).

    I fully aware we don’t share taste, and DOA is not fun to you. But I not gonna to change my mind calling it one of better fighter games.

  • wayintothe7thart

    Spell check: I mean put not point & putting “the” between of and better.

  • DannyRand

    So it is fair to say DOA is better than Shaq-fu.

  • DannyRand

    But worse than Micheal Jordan in Windy City.

  • I really, really want to know what the music was at the end of this episode. Seriously. Throw me a frickin’ bone here.