• HB

    “I’ll fire my penis into your buttocks queer” Classic.

  • Dave


  • Himura

    On the topic of cold: How bout them cold hearted bitches? My girlfriend broke my Tales of Vesperia game because the women in that game had big boobs. I hope she never finds my anime stash.

  • Frenchman

    I don’t believe that quote was in there. I also question the use of “classic”, since this is the latest episode and all.

  • Sugar-Chan

    I nearly fell out of my chair during that ‘online banking’ riff. OH Jesus that was funny.

  • Sugar-Chan

    Also, I hope the ending music was also the ending theme to this game. It would make the experience all the richer.

  • Alex

    Yo Fiddy, Go Secure Burger Town!

  • ChaseDamon

    Divorce in the Philippines.


    That’s how they be livin.

  • ChaseDamon

    Sorry it’s in Cambodia not the Philippines.

  • shaloop

    The Philippines is not Cambodia. Just saying.

  • shaloop

    Doh! Beat me to it.

  • What makes me laugh about this game is the plot is pretty much ‘bitch stole my skull’.

  • I wonder if this was inspired by the latest Indian Jones movie…

  • wayintothe7thart

    50 Cent: Blood on the Sand is also like 24 in that I get more fun listen to you two comment about it than the thing itself.

    This is old news, but if you wonder why Young Buck not in here, well http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gHaKv5yeFm8

  • Himura

    “I’ll fire my penis into your buttocks queer” Classic.

    I believe he was referring to an old espisode where Dave and Joel were making fun of the Xbox Live community. Where Joel was being made fun of his “Tanaka is fired” name.

    Then Dave said some hill billy would tell him “I’ll fire my penis into your buttocks queer”

    Which by the way is an awesome and CLASSIC line.

  • Shaxbert

    YOU FIDDY- serious, what IS that Music Selection from? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure I want it in MY brain.

  • carorizu

    music: Ai Otsuka – Pon Pon

  • Dandroid

    Hilarious episode, I kind of anticipated a reference to this Penny Arcade strip through the entire podcast.