Show #366: The Ridley Sconslaught.

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This show also known as: That IS Worse Than Rabies!

When Joel sent me his mp3 of this podcast he named it Virus Buster SUCKS. Appropriate.


This show is about:

Don’t be fooled.

  • Wingzrow

    I’ve seen this in bargain bins at block buster so many times. Now i can see why

  • Right that explains why when this got a UK release it was the entire series for less then £20.

  • Kamon

    Aww, I was eager to hear more of Dave’s thoughts on Dawn of War II. I just got it on Steam last week and have been thoroughly enjoying it.

  • Ian

    Looks like you guys are plowing through the Sci-Fi AniMonday stuff at this point. VBS + Ridley Scott? I’ll definitley have to make time for this one.

  • Maybe you guys shoudl review the Ninja Gaiden OVA:

  • Camario

    The Fatal Fury movie is indeed supposed to be the better one. Or just the least bad.

  • AL

    I think that the gay cop show you are talking about is FAKE. One of my first anime shows, which really makes me question what made me watch any other animes after that. Glad I did though.