• VZ

    Nothing to add about this show, just wanted to thumb my nose at you guys and say that yes, I bought He Is My Master.

  • I hate VZ

    You Dumb Motherfucker


    Oh great! The reason I don’t tell ANYONE that I like anime is back, Supper good!

    I hope we get another lesson about how we’re sexually repressed and victimizing children is OK. Because people somewhere want it and that means is should definitely no questions asked happen.

  • Eze

    Hang on let me go get some popcorn. Shits about to get hilarious.

  • VZ

    But I never, EVER said victimizing children was ok.

    All I said is that there’s nothing wrong with enjoying fanservice anime.


    Don’t go twisting my words around. I don’t condone ANY sort of harm to children or even grown adult women. There’s no harm in enjoying quote on quote perverted material of FICTIONAL characters. The otaku (both Japanese and western) know this, so why can’t you?

  • Ah fuck off back to 4Chan douchey McDoucheBag.

  • The Joel

    Can we please talk about how stupid Tokko is?

  • VZ

    Er, I saw a bit of Tokko on the Sci-Fi and yeah, it sucks.


    Fine since Joel asked

    How the hell did the biker look get adopted in button down Japan for a any government position?

  • Dave

    Shut up, that’s the only thing I like about shows like this.

  • wayintothe7thart

    Bleach is not the Dragon Ball clone, It the Jojo clone. what the difference? The Dragon Ball clone (One Piece, Naruto) is fun and happy time turn dark and action pack with childish protagonist that kids can insert they self in, and side characters that coolest. The Jojo clone(Yu Yu Hakusho,Flame of Recca) is a bizarre adventures travel by jerk with a heart of gold protagonist and a wild bunch of weirdo.

  • Twitch

    The Daily Show (or maybe it was Colbert Report) actually had the real inventor of the USB on, about how they used an actor in the ad. Wasn’t even a hideous guy or anything, just an average looking engineer type.

  • Morio-Kun

    Oh Dave and Joel, as long as you keep making episodes, my life will be complete.

  • And as long as VZ stays the hell away the better.

  • tommy d

    I saw the real inventor on conan o’brien.

    Also watching tokko made me realise something, what’s with japan and the number 108?

  • Westinghouse

    I saw Bleach more as a Yu Yu Hakusho clone, but it may have changes since I lasted paid it any attention.

  • The Joel

    I called this a Bleach clone only because it involved swords and was clearly intended to run forever if allowed.

  • Like both Bleach and Yu Yu Hakusho? Christ I can’t see what the hell the big deal is with Bleach? I’ve watched a few episodes and found it boring. Just like Naruto.

  • You’re probably out of the age range for Bleach. WHo knows if you even like shonen fighting shows.

    I think I would enjoy the Bleach manga more than the anime. I keep up with the anime via reviews and one episode looks just like the others. Just constant fighting. Funny that I say that when I watched all of DBZ. I guess I don’t have the spirit to keep up with the whole mess of a long ongoing story. As someone near 30, It’s tiring!

    I do watch Naruto Shippuden (after quitting the original series around episode 100) and skipped a zillion episodes of One Piece to watch it on Funimation.

  • tyree

    @yotaruvegeta: no one can blame you for not having the spirit to keep up with these long running anime. I’m nineteen. I started watching naruto when i was 14. 5 years and a single relevant plot line later I gave up. The filler episodes became so long winded that i actually forgot the original plot line. Bleach is a little better than that. But that may be because the filler is almost non-canon and not as long as the primary plot.
    And DBZ was awesome: http://uncyclopedia.wikia.com/wiki/DBZ

  • Twitch

    Whoops, yeah it was Conan O’Brien not the Daily Show.


    Yea I got burned out on Naruto filler too. When they announced non filler I just said huh and went back to watching Black Lagoon.

  • yanmaman

    yea watched naruto up till about 125 and wondered how long was it gonna go for saw 300+ episodes of filler and said fuck that. then watched all of hokuto no ken because why wouldnt i?

  • YotaruVegeta – Bleach was on TV over here in the UK but I didn’t have the channel on my cable package. My provider wasn’t offering it for some odd reason. If I had managed to watch it on a regular basics instead of just watching a few episodes here and there I ‘may’ have become a fan.
    Got burned on Naruto filler aswell hence why I gave up on that, most of my time seems to be speant re-watching crap like Saban’s Masked Rider for my podcast.

  • AL

    They have a ton of animes that you can watch for free at justdubs.net for all of us out there who don’t get free stuff :( Just thought I would pass that along since I was incredibly happy to find it and you don’t have to sign up for anything.

  • Wingzrow

    Ide talk about toko but that would require me to actually WATCH toko. You see my dilemma.

  • tyree

    @wingzrow: Lol. I once tried to watch some of the stuff Dave and Joel talk about… unfortunately i choose to watch Ikkitousen… I learned my lesson. Let the professionals watch these shows at the detriment of THEIR souls.

  • Nick

    I watched only the last episode of the first season, it was on hulu. There was a scene where the blonde haired chuck had her foot coming up and down on a dude’s face with the sole of her shoe progressively getting bloodier with the camera doing an upskirt shot of her panties.

  • When people mention animes being available on Hulu it just pisses me off as Hulu is region locked.

  • tyree

    @lee sands:Trust me… with the exception of a few good ones a lot of the anime on hulu is trash…

  • @Tyree: That kind of makes me feel better, despite the fact I just had to watch two episodes of possibly the worse show ever for my podcast.

  • wayintothe7thart

    “I saw Bleach more as a Yu Yu Hakusho clone, but it may have changes since I lasted paid it any attention.”
    said Westinghouse.

    Bleach is a Yu Yu Hakusho clone, but let clean up I say why Bleach is aslo the Jojo clone. the story star a jerk with a heart of gold (Ichigo) start or always see something strang. He meet up with a someone (Rukia) that can tell him what gonna on, sometime gave him speacal power (Soul Reapers), with lead go on a mission(s). he will start off small and the begining, make friends(Orihime, Yasutora, Uryu) and training by a old master (Urahara). Than something will happern to main character life and must deal long mission(s) with the friends he meet in the early day. Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyashi, and Flame of Recca follow all them rule, and since Bleach is Yu Yu Hakusho clone, it by default a Jojo clone. Oh, and at some point in the series you find out he a son of a very powerful warrior, but that just shonen thing.

  • wayintothe7thart

    If the last post hard to read, I didn’t check it beford I submit, so sorry

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUz6erC-iCA

    Worse show ever. Why the hell did I agree to do a podcast about it?

  • tyree

    ^^SWEET MERCIFUL JESUS!!! THERE IS NO WAY THAT IS REAL. I can’t believe i live in a universe where something like that is allowed to exist… And besides the general abhorrence of the show does anyone else find it offensive that the black dudes name is Rugg… Is that supposed to be commentary?!?

    yeah shit just got real…

  • tyree

    Holy Crap… Rugg is his actual name… -_-

  • And one guy on my podcast thinks it’s the greatest thing ever! I’m serious. Then again said person made a 21 Jump Street fanfilm.
    Could be worse …
    This show made Shotaro Ishinomori scream ‘STOP MOLESTING MY BABIES!’