• Ro

    Oh, snap! Is that galub jamun!? That is such an awesome dessert. Methinks I will go get some Indian for lunch. They have a buffet with all the galub jamun you can eat.

  • Dave

    That is my favorite type of Indian buffet.

    “All you can eat” = “eat all of it, and wait for them to replace the stock”

  • The Joel

    More like: Eat all of it and wait for them to replace your heart.

  • KirbyKhan

    I know that having the player do all the cool things is supposed to be empowering, but at times I felt I was the only one in the squad that pulled my weight. Except for Keith David, he was awesome.


  • Westinghouse

    Hey, cool. You guys mentioned my earlier post.

    I like the Tau. They are extremely confident and well-organized, but critically naive.

    They have the capability to build giant robots, hover tanks, and stable man-portable plasma guns while understanding that those things are not actually controlled by ghosts. They use unmanned drones to actually save lives on their battlefields. They’ve formed real and stable alliances with other aliens. But none of that really matters in the galactic-scale shithole of the 40k universe – and the Tau are just on the verge of finding that out.

    These guys actually sent political envoys to the Tyranids (who were promptly eaten). After killing a single mid-level chaos demon, one of their commanders remarked something along the lines of, “That Slaanesh guy wasn’t so tough. I don’t see what the big deal was.”

  • Wingzrow

    Is it just me or did this episode end really abruptly? Must have been the lack of end music.

    So i’m sure you guys played Capcom Vs. SNK since you talk about fighters AL the time. Figure you would like this video.

    Fist of The North Star Music? – CHECK
    Fighting Game Reference? – CHECK


  • EZE

    I’M BLACK!

  • Max Dunn

    COD MW2: Everything you are mentioning about it is what made me soooo happy to play it. The missile was supposed to be a straight up EMP warhead. EMP has shockwaves? SURE – I question nothing.

    Also, Soap and John Price are soooo awesome.